Is there a difference between Darwin and Natural leather?

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  1. ...or are they the same thing?

    I noticed that the Bayswaters on NAP are described as Darwin, but on the Mulberry site they are "natural leather." Are they two different leathers, or did they change the name?

  2. I think they are the same thing and Mulberry have just changed the name!
  3. I did think this until I saw the new Bayswater & Roxanne in John Lewis. The leather does seem different - a bit lighter in weight and smoother, I think. This could, of course, be me imagining things so let's wait for an expert!

    NAP have had those Bayswaters kicking around for over a year so they're definitely the old darwin leather. Hence my thoughts on another thread that they might get reduced at some point....
  4. Oooh *rubs hands in anticipation*. I'd love a black one.
  5. I'm gonna feel SO bad if it doesn't happen, now. I've just got a hunch, though ;) If it's going to happen, Im' sure you'll find out about it on the 'bag... in your beret :roflmfao:
  6. Darwin leather and the 'new' natural leather is the same. Darwin leather needs a 'translation' because people don't now what Darwin leather is:confused1: but Natural leather is...natural leather!:tup:
  7. Thanks for the clarification!
  8. It's funny because yesterday I was looking at these beautiful boots (I forgot the brand) and they said natural Leather but were a 100% match with my Oak Mulberry's bags, I was looking all over to see if they said Darwin somewhere. :upsidedown:
  9. I am *NOT* an expert by any means but I wanted to share my recent experience. I purchased a Black Bayswater at Nordstorms not too long ago. When I picked it up, I was surprised at how light it was. I had heard and read that Bayswaters were very heavy so I was expecting the bag to be much heavier. I commented on the weight to the SA. She said this was a "new" leather, that in the past Mulberry leather was very heavy and that this leather was much nicer.

    I have used the bag a few times and with all my stuff in it, the bag does get heavy though :sad: But I still love it :tup:
  10. Mulberry is well aware about the problem with heavy bags:true: when they are manufactured in thick good quality leather. They are constant working towards keeping the quality and ‘trademark’ for ex the Bayswater. The natural leather bags are heavy but they are also in very good quality leather that age with grace don’t you agree :tender: