Is there a demon on Tutti?

  1. I have never actually seen a Tutti bag in person but in pictures it looks like there is a creepy demon face on it. YUCK! I don't think I'll ever buy anything in Tutti because of the demon. What do you all think? :cursing:
  2. I personally like the demon. It's a Japanese Opera Mask tattooed on the girl with the long back hair. :smile:
  3. Yes, there is a creepy demon face on Tutti. See my post in the Denaro thread. On smaller bags it would be pretty easy to avoid, I think. Look in the upper left hand corner, and look up and to the left of the smaller Momo Peach.

  4. I think it's cool looking :yes:
  5. ITA. I love the tatoos on the gals!:yes:
  6. It's not creepy to me because it's a part of Japanese culture and that's where I'm from. It's just a hanya mask used in Japanese drama/plays/operas. It's definitely not "evil" by any means. It's just a representation of women and their emotions (like jealousy), not demons or devils. :yes:
  7. I think there's also a skateboarding pig on transporto :confused1: At first Vmasterz & I thought it was poplettina but poplettina has a white face and then Vmasterz looked more closely and realized it's a skateboarding pig with a curly tail and all :lol:
  8. Ok, I still don't like it, but at least now I understand its cultural significance. Before I was like, WTH, why is that there?

    And, yes, there is a Skateboarding pig on Transporto - he is on my Denaro, but I think he's cute. :p
  9. Actually I think your being very precise with your guess (if you were guessing). ;)


    also why is it called momo peach, momo=peach. :idea:
  10. Haha. No, not a guess. I'm half Japanese and from Japan... We have hanya masks at my obaachan's (grandma) house and we have some too.
  11. I like the mask tattoo... But just looking at that swatch made me realize the girl with the tattoo that is leaning down to touch her feet looks like she has freakishly long arms... If you notice where her hand is..
  12. Me too. I have the Tsuru 30gig iSkin!!
  13. I didn't realize it was a tattoo on one of the girls! Probably because you couldn't see any of the girl on the tiny Denaro. Now it makes sense, but I still didn't want the Denaro that had it. It just seemed out of place.
  14. It reminds me of Sadako from Ringu, only much cuter. :heart:

  15. yea but she has impossibly long legs too lol..they all do!