Is there a day Ebay has lower sellers fees?

  1. Hi,
    I'm new to eBay and my friend mentioned eBay does promotions about once a month with lower sellers fees?

    Does anyone know how I can find out more about this and/or when the promo is?

    Thank you so much!!!!
  2. If you are a seller, you should automatically get them via email from eBay. They do have the promos every now and then but not once a month.
  3. Thanks Louis Gal!

    I would like to save a little money with my sellers fees when possible, I'll keep a look out - guess they don't have a schedule or anything?
  4. Make sure you have your ebay settings set up to get ebay emails. Also, if you go to the ebay forums, someone always posts them. They usually start at midnight Pacific Time and last 24 hrs. Each time they have them, they list what the deal is. Sometimes it's something as dumb as enlarged gallery photos.

    Thisng is that the sales flood ebay and unless you have something special, your stuff gets lost in the shuffle.
  5. This is something I've always you get those same lower prices if you use Auctiva? I use that site for my auctions (templates) and even on the sale days, my listing fees appear to be the same. I've never known whether I get that sale or not..I'm guessing I don't.
  6. I love auctiva, the pictures are free, and when I'm listing something really expensive, I take lots of pictures and it cuts down a lot versus Ebay charging 15 cents or something per picture.
  7. You should be getting the lower eBay fees, but I am not really sure how Auctiva's listing system works so I'm not sure.

    I use Inkfrog, which has very similar functionality, and I do get the lower fees when eBay has a "sale" on selling fees.