Is there a current BV handbag that you do not like? Why?

  1. Which style would you NOT recommend?

    Which one is your FAVORITE and WHY does it work for you?
  2. love the cabat. i like a bag that can go over my shoulder, that has easy access and doesn't have a suede lining. it is beautiful without being flashy. can carry a lot of stuff if necessary. can be kept organized by putting your stuff in "pouchettes". also have been enjoying the messingers. they are from the men's line and aren't lined with suede. they are very easy to use and i think look great.
    haven't found a bag that hasn't worked well for me.
  3. I love my large black campana,:love: It feels so light and soft and is very easy to get in and out of. I'm not a big fan of the Ombre shaded bags, they look and feel very stiff IMO.:tdown: Also at the risk of being :smash: here I can't understand the Knot clutch, it looks too small to carry much in the evening and is way too pricey, but that's just my opinion :shrugs:
  4. The Cocker. Too boxy & too much going on.
  5. I always like the cocker in photos and then in real life I don't. I'm not crazy about cervo, that may be part of it.
  6. For anyone who has seen the larger baby bag (toggle bag), I find it proportionally odd. I was all set to buy it in carmino, until I actually tried it on in the boutique. I love my small baby bag, but the large one just looked odd, not big enough to be an everyday bag, not small enough to look chic and clutch-like. My favorite is always the campana but not in bright colors.
  7. Ball (don't shoot). Just do not like the look, something odd about the shape esp the handle part. The new ball is slightly better but still not a fan.
  8. Fav - the Veneta. Why - classic. and. chic.
  9. I like most of the tote styles Bv offers, they`re handy, hold alot and are so easy to use. Don`t get to like the briefcases though, not the perfect combination of style and material, IMO.
  10. I pretty much appreciate most BVs whether they are purchase material for me or not, but after my recent experience with the ombre tote, I would have to say the ombre tote. Did not like how rigid it was. As for favorite, so hard!
  11. I drool over almost any BV bag that I see, but there are some that I don't like on me. I'm pretty short and the Cocker just looked wrong on me even though it looks so pretty on the shelf. I love my medium veneta because it is the perfect size on me and so light and comfortable to carry.
  12. I'm not a fan of the cocker or the sloane but I think on some people they look great. It's just not for me.

    I love the campana.
  13. Cocker looks kinda 'weird'..I don't like it. Because it looks so different, it sorta looks like the 'outcast' from the rest..haha!
  14. same here.. :rolleyes:
    my fav: would be the Veneta :heart:.. simple, feminine, classic, pure leather no metal except zipper.. just breath taking!
  15. I just realized I forgot to say which is my favorite. Hands down, the MONTAIGNE!

    In its tote form it is the perfect size and shape for me (I prefer squarish bags). I like the security of the zippered closure, the 5 feet, the adjustable handles, and the little extras--leather-covered padlock, key, and clochette/tirette. Even though it's on the structured side it's still soft and slouchy. The best of both worlds!