is there a cream-color balneciaga color?

  1. i'm looking for a balenciaga moto or city in some sort of off-white color; cream, eggshell, something like that. what are those colors called? thanks.
  2. thanks so much!
  3. Natural is gorgeous and currently available.:yes:
  4. i think there's an 03 mastic which is a lovely off-white color :drool:
  5. i think for current season will be either off white ( blanc) or the natural...
  6. personally i like calcaire b/c it has the hint of pink...but it's hard to find one in mint conditionnnn :smile:
  7. I think you are referring to Natural.
  8. thanks everyone! i think i'm going to go for a natural...

    second question: i really like the "smaller" balenciaga bag - I don't know the sizing, but it's probably about 10" across - does anyone know the name of this size? and if i went to the bbag store in NYC, would they have it?

    sorry for all the q's - I'm new at this!