Is there a cool car forum like the Purse Forum?

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  1. I love the Purse Forum so much. You guys are so helpful, informative and influential in my purse and beauty purchasing decisions.

    Now, is there a cool car forum that's equivalent to the standards of this awesome site?

    I have a dilemma...

    I drive a 2000 BMW 528i. While I love the styling and handling of the car, the maintenance cost is THROUGH the ROOF! For every minor repair, it's a huge chunk of change. I must have plunked down at least 10-15k on just the maintenance. I'm so sick of it.

    My friends tell me I'll be better off with a Lexus which costs a lot less to maintain. I'm thinking of the new GS or LS. If anyone drives either one of those, please advise!!

  2. Hi there!
    There are many forums that are model specific. Me and BF own a Lexus IS300 and both are members of which is just for IS300. However I did a quick search and found this forum [***NO LINKS ALLOWED ON THE PF PLEASE!!***There are also many BMW forums out there.

    We are lucky to be part of the purse many nice people here. Keep in mind that there's always snooty people in forums specially the high end vehicle makes (not everyone though) such as lexus, BMW or in my case Audi. But you'll always find a helpful hand in most forums.
  3. My bf moderates on a local car forum **NO LINKS PLEASE!**
    For lexus, I know when I was visiting a friend in LA, he took my bf and I to a Lexus Car meet. It was quite organized, although the name of the club escapes me...

    For BMW, my bf heads up the local Alberta BMW Owners Club and I know about

    There are a ton of car enthusiast forums out there! Good luck!
  4. I'm a member of a lot of car forums. The ones that I can think of that are for BMW's are []. I also made a forum for female car enthusiasts:[****NO LINKS PLEASE!!!***
  5. **NO LINKS PLEASE!** is the best bmw info site there is. they know their stuff but ask intelligent questions and youll get intelligent replies.
  6. There is a BMW where my SO posts!! Its divided by cars he posts on the M6 forum but essentially they are all intertwined! He really likes it and I think its called **NO LINKS ALLOWED PLEASE!!!***.but it will take you to the other boards for BMW as well!! ENJOY!!
  7. I would also highly recommend lexus!! I have a lexus RX and we have owned the LX the really huge truck!! Never had any problems just a slight glitch in the navigation in one of them! I think the newer bmws are better its been 7 years and they have really improved on their mechanical issues!! We have the 2007 M6 and I truly enjoy driving the car!! The handling is unbelievable. Not that i recommend this but we can do smooth turns at 60 miles an hour!! Its truly unbelievable!!
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