Is there a color called prune?

  1. I thought I saw an Vision II agenda with a tag that said prune it was chevre. Is that the same as raisin? Is it a totally different color?

    Any info would be appreciated.
  2. You can't do a search now but if you find the "Ode to Raisin" thread, you'll see a kelly in that color near the end, sorta on the brown side.
  3. I saw an ostrich Kelly in prune at the Charlotte store two weeks ago. I kept teasing Jason (my SA) that it looked brown, brown and brown. The "prune" that Prada/Miu Miu has for F/W has a definite purplish cast to it, so it's almost a burgundy/mahogany color. The "prune" Kelly just looked like dark brown no matter how close I got or how far I backed up.
  4. Yes, Deux Armoires has a kelly in Prune...I believe it may be is a gorgeous color!
  5. Thanks everyone. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't making it up as I haven't seen any discussion of the color. It isn't included in the reference section either. Maybe it just isn't that popular.
  6. I read somewhere a while ago that prune had been discontinued. It is purple but with a slightly browner/redder cast than raisin.
  7. Doesn't Loony have a prune bag too?
  8. Prune is a dark aubergine colour with a red/brown tone - not a bright purple.
    I've only ever seen it in veau doblis and it does seem to be quite a rarity. Nice for evenings I think.
  9. Prune was produced only in small accessories and the littlest of handbags. You were even lucky just to find a very small Kelly in it. I loved the color.
  10. I have a prune chevre agenda lined with vert anis chevre. It's totally different from my raisin clemence bag. I would LOVE to find a prune chevre 32 cm HAC. I love the color. They're not showing prune in the leather book at my store anymore.
  11. ITA, it is stunning