Is there a Coach accessory that would hold coupons?

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  1. I need to get my coupons organized. Instead of being in, inside
    pockets of my purse.
  2. Why not a wristlet?
  3. I was thinking a wristlet.
    I am going to try it.
  4. I use my new dotted Op Art Cosmetic Case for mine. So far, so good!

    I like it because it opens up wide and I can look for what I need easily.
  5. Yes, something that opens wide, would be perfect.
  6. I believe Wifeyb asked this question not long ago. Try a search.
  7. Will do, Thanks!
  8. I use a wristlet.
  9. I'd go with a passport holder or pencil/long cosmetic pouch
  10. I just bought the Poppy Demi Clutch Wristlet

    I had something flat that had compartments and I wanted something from Coach so I bought this to try. It has compartments which I like for receipts in one, coupons in another and holds cards that I don't want bulking up my main wallet. It's a little thicker than what I was using but I think it will work well.

    I linked an ebay auction since I didn't have a picture handy...(have no idea who the seller is...just wanted the pic)
  11. I like the idea of a passport holder. The length looks good for coupons.
  12. That was nice of you, to provide the link.
  13. Hmm... How about a mini skinny if the coupons aren't huge and you don't mind a single opening only? :smile: Otherwise, I think the 6 x 4 wristlet could work well.
  14. I use a large, slim zipper cosmetic bag for coupons, receipts, and misc papers
  15. When wifeyb asked this, I told her that I use my large coach reciept holder..The ones you get when you order from online! I have also used my Made for me by coach wristlet which is a good size.I don't like my coupons to get wrinkled:smile: