Is there a charm you wish Coach would design?

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  1. I love Coach charms! I have quite a few on my Coach laptop bag. I would love to have a Coach American Flag to add to my collection. Anyone else have ideas for future Coach charms?
  2. OH, I agree. A flag theme would be amazing!
  3. I know this is picky--- but I would LOVE a little red miniature pincher :girlsigh:

    I'd also like a FEMALE skull (little pink bow on top) :heart:

    A star, moon, and sun all on one would be GREAT!

    I'd love a sunflower too...

    Oh-- and a butterfly...

    :P I don't want much... do I? :P
  4. I would love to have a cat! Being the property of 3 Maine Coon Cats I think it only fitting that I have a kitty charm!
  5. OOOO I have a Black and Brown Min-Pin. I would buy ANY Min-Pin Charm!
  6. YES!! I wish they would make a charm with BUBBLES!! :graucho: Kind of like that Resort bubble print they had out... only no fish, like the umbrellas & shoes were... :yes:

  7. Min Pins=:heart:

    We are discussing getting Miss Ginger a little Black and Tan Min Pin Brother :yes:
  8. How weird ! I was just thinking today that there hasn't been any charms that have made me say "i have to have that" I love my letter charm and i was just thinking this same thing about what my ideal charm would be. I will have to think about.
  9. I would love it if they made something metallic with sequins that had those LCD flashing lights, as well as a glow in the dark feature.

    Just kidding! ;)

    No, really, though, something a bit bejeweled! I am a little ignorant on the Coach charms, so maybe they already made something like that. I would also love a cat charm!
  10. Here is our Molly! She is 6 months old and a joy!

  11. Disney charms. I saw the most horrible fake on Ebay today, and I know Coach hasn't collaborated with Disney yet.
  12. OOOOO Disney and Coach together. I would be LOST!!!!!! Bankrupt in a month!!!!!
  13. This is why I don't own any charms yet...nothing speaks to me. I'm not even sure what I want-maybe something western but I have no idea what it could be. I'm studying to be a teacher so an apple might be cute too. I don't know really, just know that when I see it, I'll KNOW, lol.
  14. You don't know the half. I already collect the pins. :P

  15. :tender:

    Here is our little baby-- Ginger-- she will be 3 on 7/23!