Is there a "Changed my mind on the Aramante Cles Club?"

  1. Like a lot of people, my heart stopped when I saw the Aramante Vernis.

    I had to have the Sunset for a evening bag.

    My plan was for a Cles, which I was dragging my feet on, for some reason. And I was really hoping that there would be an Aramante agenda in the works.

    I thought the Cles would be perfect. Shiny, dark purple, and something I could see everyday. Perfect!
    But now that I have heard so much about smudges, and I have considered how rough I can be on things that go in and out of my bags, I've decided against the Cles, and I'm going with another agenda.

    Others in this club?
  2. Not exactly your case but I bought the amarante and pomme cles at the same time..did NOT expect to fall in love with the pomme. Its way better than I expected, and the gorgeous addicting amarante was not so special when I got it. I still love it, but perhaps thats because i haven't even gotten around to using it yet? lol. I just take it out to admire but I *admire* the pomme so much more than I actually use it. So bottom line I am disappointed with it but not enough to return it. I know if I were you I'd be obsessed about wiping it all the time. A hassle or worth it?
  3. I'm not exactly in this club either, but I agree about the smudges. Amarante is so gorgeous, but every little smudge shows up so clearly. I didn't purchase anything from this color because of the smudge factor. I would be obsessive about wiping it down all the time.
  4. I think there was at one point, just after amarante was released, a "Returned Amarante" could probably find it in the search....

    I kept my Sunset Blvd, and it rarely has prints on it for some reason !!