Is there a buying halt in October?

  1. Just a little stressed because I thought the sales were going to increase starting now through Christmas..and my sales and the interest in my Coach handbags have drastically dropped in the last 2 weeks.
    I lost $200 last week in Coach sales and am wanting to find out if sales drop right before Chrismas. Please say they do and they will pick up soon!

    Do people stop buying when it hits them Christmas is around the corner?
    Makes me nervous to buy anything until I know I can sell it.
    If you have had a major slow down in your store, or in your sales on line, could you let me know?
    This little lul in shopping caused me to take some Coach bags back which I purchased during the 25% customer week sale and I want to wait to spend when the buying picks up.
    Even in the Coach Retail Store in the mall today there was NO ONE in the mall and no one entered the store during the hour when I was there. Seemed weird to me!
    (OH my, I love the new Coach Leather Multicolored Patchwork but its huge and is almost $700)
  2. I noticed this too! ugh
  3. Yup, don't feel bad. I'm feeling it too..
    And I just got dinged on my stars for "shipping and handling charges"..I charged $1.25 for first class, I paid MORE than that for shipping, which would have shown on the label and now instead of a 5.0 like I had for charges, I have 4.9. :wacko:
  4. ITA. My sales have been slow lately. There were plenty of watchers but nobody bought the first time. Luckily for me, my items sold the second time. Maybe people are waiting to hear what will be hot this X-mas b4 buying. My guess is that sales will pick up next month b/c of the start of the holiday season.
  5. I hope things pick up. Like 2 weeks ago, sales were really good! Suddenly, it dropped and nothing is selling. I hope things get better soon!
  6. Yeah, it's been slow, SLOW!
    I hope it's going to pick up??
    Lvbabydoll, a lot of buyers don't get how expensive shipping has become. I think unless you give them free shipping, they say any amount is too much!
  7. Yeah I hope so...I actually sold more this week than I did all month last month. 2 pairs of shoes and a book.
    And yeah I know. Like I'm seriously going to pick up the shipping on the cheap stuff I sell..I would have NO profit left whatsoever!! Lol.
  8. i've noticed that too...maybe everyone is savin thier money for maybe it might pick up during xmas time. i havent been able to see any of my items that i've listed on eBay...really sucks for me.
  9. I noticed the same! Around the 1st sales were really good for me and now basically nothing sells. Well I decided to wait with the stuff I sell until November comes and I just started buying early christmas presents and stuff for myself now and so far got some really really good deals cos there is hardly any competition :graucho:
  10. I guess the slow down in housing market starts to show its impact. A lot of ppl are stuck with a high ARM or unlike before they can take equity out to spend on luxury items. I hope the interest rate goes down a little bit more so ppl have more money in their pockets. Haven't you noticed there are tons of pre-fall or fall sales going on? And it's still 70s out there!
  11. Perhaps people are saving for the holiday sales.. next month is black friday so I'm sure shopping will pick up again!
  12. I always wondered if it was best to list auctions to where they would be ending a day or so after the 1st & 15th of each month. Usually when people get paid, kwim?
    I tend to throw more money towards auctions if I know I just got paid..heh.
  13. Sure looks slow to me, too. I have three bags to list but when checking eBay last night those same bags are not selling. Eekk!
  14. My sales have been up lately.....maybe it just depends on what you are selling.
  15. I am soo glad, that somebody asked this question! I was getting desperate, because things are so slow (this is online business, not eBay). At least now I know that it affects everybody, not just our business.