Is there a buying halt in October?

  1. Just a little stressed because I thought the sales were going to increase starting now through Christmas..and my sales and the interest in my Coach handbags have drastically dropped in the last 2 weeks.
    I lost $200 last week in Coach sales and am wanting to find out if sales drop right before Chrismas. Please say they do and they will pick up soon!
    Do people stop buying when it hits them Christmas is around the corner?
    Makes me nervous to buy anything until I know I can sell it.
    If you have had a major slow down in your store, or in your sales on line, could you let me know?
    This little lul in shopping caused me to take some Coach bags back which I purchased during the 25% customer week sale and I want to wait to spend when the buying picks up.
    Even in the Coach Retail Store in the mall today there was NO ONE in the mall and no one entered the store during the hour when I was there. Seemed weird to me!
    (OH my, I love the new Coach Leather Multicolored Patchwork but its huge and is almost $700)