Is there a board online where you can buy, sell and trade?

  1. Is there a board anywhere online where you can buy, trade or sell purses? I've got a purse that I want to trade for the Lemon Wedge Coin Purse but don't know of anywhere to list it. I hate dealing with eBay and being out the fees if I don't have to be. Does such a place exist that anyone knows of?
  3. Thanks but I haven't been a member here long enough to join. I have excellent eBay feedback but I haven't been on the board for 5 months.

    Anywhere else?
  4. if i find something more suitable i'll post it! craigslist wont be too much help i dont think...
  5. I don't know of any offhand aside from the marketplaza. Maybe try doing a Google search and see what you can come up with.
  6. Thanks!

    I don't live anywhere near a big city that participates in craigslist. I live in the middle of nowhere Mississippi, LOL! I just have a small Coach that is to small for me and was thinking it would be great to trade it for one of the fruit coin purses instead of fooling around with eBay but I guess that's probably what I'm going to end up doing. Thanks everyone!

    I've googled and can't come up with anything. It keeps bringing up TPF, LOL! Can't wait to join the marketplace when I've been here a bit longer!
  7. Me too!!
  8. I'm excited to get enough posts for the marketplace someday!
  9. Thank you sailornep I joined that group, going to check it out.

    I'm excited about the marketplace too! I don't sell often but I'm sure I'll do tons of buying since I live in no where near any Coach Stores.

    cgsprings did you mean you live in Mississippi? Where?
  10. Bethie, no I live in FL but I "me too"'d about anxiously waiting to fill the requirements for joining marketplace.
  11. I hope that this is allowed (if not, I apologize in advance). I've sold a couple of my handbags over on the Australian Vogue website.

    They have message boards that include a For Sale, a Swap Shop and a Wanted Board.

    They have members all over the world, not just in Australia, although I have sold a few things to girls in Australia. Everyone I met over there was super nice, and it was always a pleasant experience.