Is there a birkin that'll fit over your shoulder?

  1. Hello- Birkin idiot here:shame: asking if Hermes makes any type of Birkin that fits over your shoulder? And does any one know the measurements of a Birkin 50 and if it goes any bigger than that? Sorry for ranting, thanks for the help!:lol:
  2. I know theres a JPG Birkin (that fits over your shoulder). Also the Kelly and Bolide have a long shoulder strap. I'm still a novice though as well!
  3. The Birkin 45 is a travel Birkin and has longer straps. Not sure if it would fit over your shoulder, though. BUT, when you get into the size 45 and 50 that's some SERIOUS Birkin going on!! :smile:
  4. More questions! What are the measurements for the 45 and 50? and are the offered in regular and HAC? Thanks so much!
  5. the JPG Birkin can be wear over the shoulder
  6. We need the Birkin specialists for the 45/50 question. I don't think that has ever come up as I remember.
  7. Yes, they come in both but the size ranges are a little different. The only one I know who could posibly find the exact measurements of the larger HAC bags and the B 45 and 50 is Gigi - she has that catalog with the specs. For the specs of the 40 Birkin, find an ebay auction for one and they'll be there. :smile:
  8. Thanks Greentea :smile:

    Valleyoppressed, this is what I found in the look books:

    Birkin Sizes
    Birkin 25cm - W25cm x H20cm x D13cm ( short handles only )
    Birkin 30cm - W30cm x H22cm x D16cm ( short handles only )
    Birkin 35cm - W35cm x H25cm x D18cm ( short handles only )
    Birkin 40cm - W40cm x H30cm x D20cm ( short handles only )
    Birkin 45cm - W45cm x H30cm x D20cm ( 2 versions, short & long handles )

    Haut a Courroies (HAC) Sizes
  9. JPG Birkin - W42cm x H20cm x D21cm :smile:
  10. Awesome, GIGI! Thanks!
  11. Gigi- you are amazing! You are seriously the Hermes Queen Here!
  12. Oooh........Thanks so much! I didn't want to walk into Hermes sounding like a total novice. btw, what is the size difference between the long and short handles? I'm also love the lizard skin birkins, but all the ones I've seen have been 25's. Do they come any larger? Thanks again!