Is there a big difference between the 30 and 35 birkin?

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  1. I am 17 almost 18 and in july i am hopefully getting my first Birkin (my mom best friend is going to paris so she'll get for me its much cheaper there) . i want it to be perfect i have been saving for years alot of work. Anyway is the difference big. Because every time i see a 30 in a pic i think its small and when i see a 35 its too big. I am going to college next year and would be taking it with me (not to carry books) my school is going to be in NYC. Also is the black in ghw and togo leather really hard to get? and what about the red one with ghw in togo?? Thanks!
  2. I have both sizes and there is a difference between the 30 and 35 cm bags.

    If I were you I would head to a boutique and try both sizes if possible.
    Also, the 30 cm can be dressier and less tote-y. Another factor is how much do you carry normally in your purse? Birkins, depending upon the leather and size can be heavy. Are you willing to lug a heavy bag around? How tall are you?

    As I said earlier, go to a store and try on the bags for size. It's too much of an investment to make a decision you may regret later.

    Congrats in advance though. Birkins are fabulous bags to own.
  3. Congrats! How exciting :o) The 30cm and 35cm are quite different in size..why not do a TPF search and compare size by size photos? Of course try them on if you can :o) Best of luck!
  4. Congrats!
    A 30 is just nice for me, (Im 5'2) but I do like my 35 coz I generally prefer big bags.
    30s are cuter and 35 is more casual chic, great for putting ur life in.
    Hope this helps!
  5. I am 5'7 so maybe that helps. does hermes usually have a birking in store just to see the size?
  6. They might, but usually not at any given time. But they might have another bag in similar sizes if you can try to
    visualize the Birkin style while looking at a Bolide or a Kelly. But definitely, if at all possible, try before you buy!
    Good luck! :P
  7. Barbie, I have both sizes and there is quite a material difference. I use the 35 for work and travel whilst the 30 is perfect for week-ends and restaurant outings.
    There is a thread somewhere in the reference subforum which shows different sizes side to side, do a search.
    It all depends on what you want this bag to be for... And how much you carry around.
  8. Only a few thousand dollars different! :biggrin:
  9. A 35 should be fine.

    I am 5'2", medium build and i adore 32 HAC which is in between.
  10. is there a waiting list in paris?? sorry OT, but just wondering.
  11. I'd suggest getting the 35 as you're 5'7. You can fit paper files/folders inside a 35 without folding them. So might be more convenient for you since you'll be bringing it to school. Also, it's alot more easier to get a 35 in paris as a walk in. 30cms are more popular in Asia.
  12. well i think i can help becuase im 25 so even though you are younger a lot younger i get it ,i feel what you are saying as i got my first birkin at 19 30cm is divine very comfortable when we are talking about exotics it is a question of wearability and look because when you go for exotics its a beeter size because of use in togo if this is your option i would go for a 35cm remember the birkin is very versatile and can be worn in many ways to make it lok smaller an more formal to larger and spotier the 35cm is perfect in the sense that it provides room capacity and again a series of different looks so if it were me i would go for a 35cm and would not make it black and only black here me out i have point give this woman options especially in paris you can go for the following that are dark colors and provide a mystery to the people who see it on you because at night they look dark almost black and the shock by showing a hint of the color this is just for you to get more chaces on a birkin 35cm togo in paris or open up on the leathers if you like the togo type go for tourillon clemence or vache fjord they are different but not oposites so the colors sorry i tend to drift (very passionate about H) raisin , blue indigo (practically black by the way) or maybe the in the grey areas i mean you dont want to go for a shocking color on your first birkin but black!, my first was black and i would of gone for a darker different shade because i allready had a black kelly that i eventually sold and see look at it this way black is the basic prfect birkin but in a room if you spotted another birkin 80% chance it will be black well this is what i think hope it helps birkel
  13. o and the reason why i sujest the options is just so that this nice friend has more chances on finding you a 35cm in the specs you so good luck and remember once you get the birkin no other handbag will match it !
  14. I was at the Madison Avenue boutique last week and for some reason there was a book of the bags lying out on the scarf counter, like a buyer's book. It was divided into sections and was opened to bags for evening (in French of course). They do consider a 30cm suitable for evening, which did surprise me a bit, but maybe because I am petite; I use my 30cm for day and evening, but my next bag will be a 25cm for evening.