Is there a bag you love but won't buy ?

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  1. I absolutely love the Jimmy Choo "Ramona" but I won't buy it for $1600.00 because I think it is a big time trendy bag - it will fade soon and I think it will look dated in no time - I'm not sure why I think that but I do. Do you love a bag you won't buy and why??????
  2. Oh sure, LOTS! I like a lot of bags but will never buy because I'm not a HAND bag girl, I only like a shoulder bag.
    I LOVE the Lady Braid Ligne from Chanel and the Luxe Bowler but none fit comfortably on my shoulder.
  3. yes...some r too expensive or some r not my style but I like a lot of bags that I won't buy
  4. yeah, for me it's the Fendi Spy. I love it, then I don't, then I see it again IRL and am in love again...I'm just too fickle about it for the $$ to go for it.
  5. The Birkin bag for obvious reasons :biggrin:
  6. Anything from the LV Multicolore line. I think it's adorable, but I know that many people consider it "immature" and it's extremely faked in my town. You can't buy REAL Louis Vuitton anywhere in my city, but you can buy a fake on every corner.
  7. The Stam - love it, but it's not for me.
  8. Lots of bags I love, but won't buy. Just like you I love the Jimmy Choo one, but I don't think I'll buy it. There are more, which are very beautiful but very expensive, and I won't get them any time soon.
  9. Birkin, love them, but wouldn't feel comfy carrying it...same goes for the Kelly. They are TDF, but I'd be a nervous wreck...
  10. If I bought every bag I loved, I'd surely be broke!
  11. I have another one which I won't buy, and it's an ostrich Birkin - it's much too expensive for me.
  12. agreed. same goes for the LV mono line...loveeeee it but faked way too much. fakes make me sad. :sad:
  13. I never say never :graucho:
  14. I love the STEPHEN bag of LV but its too expensive for me.:crybaby:

    This morning, I saw a girl carrying a mono I was drooling with envy. I kept on stealing glances at her bag.
  15. Balenciaga, I love the style and colors but somehow I always opt for something else