Is there a bag called the Raina? Or something to that effect?

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  1. Trying to find out what it looks like? I"m sure I have it spelled incorrectly but the SA said it's one that zips at the top??
  2. It is the Rana and there is the Slick Calf version and it also came in the Distressed Biker leather. There were a couple on sale at the Jimmy Choo Boutiques last week and I think some of the members mentioned Scoop NYC had some as well :yes:

    Hope this helps!
    RANA.jpg REDRANA.jpg
  3. ^^ thanks robyn...oops! :shame:i'm still learning over here... i should keep my trap shut when i am not sure....:nogood:

    sorry alouette!:flowers:
  4. Not at all Mick :heart:

    It is hard to figure out some of the names and especially with Jimmy Choo bags:wacko:

    They love to keep the names in each alphabet flowing..... Ramona, Riki, Rana, Ruse, Relay, Radiant, Rock, Ring.... etc. :choochoo:

    The only reason I am able to figure it out is because I have several catalogs sitting right beside my computer ;)

    I think it is Wonderful that you are always so willing to try to help (heck, that's how we met :flowers:)
  5. NP Mick!! Thx 4 helping just the same!!

    Ah, thx 4 the responses too!! :flowers: I wish it was the one I thought it was. Anyone know how much the Rock or Radiant is? Also whats the diff? I'm a JC newbie too...tia...:shame:
  6. The Rock is a very nice bag, but the Radiant is the larger of the two. I had purchased the Rock last summer (there are several chapters to this story if you do a search for "Rock" and have time to read :popcorn: but be ready for some pretty good laughs)

    Here is one thread with some photos of it inside and out!

    I prefer the larger sizes, but had tried the Rock because I could not bring myself to spend double for the Jungle Mahala, (which was what I had really wanted) but we all know how that turned out :sneaky:

    The dimensions for the Radiant are as follows:
    L15 x H10 x W7

    I am having difficulties locating the dimensions for the Rock, but it is going to be similar to these L11 x H9 x W7"
  7. I have a Radiant and it is a large bag. I have only used it once or twice because of this. It is gorgeous tho...biker leather burgundy. Now I would have liked the Rock in this color better, I think. Hmmm...I think it was $1850. new.
  8. Thx guys!!! Y'all reallllly know your JC's! :flowers::flowers:

    I think I would need a longer shoulder drop so the Rana is out. I love my Riki but now that I've been bitten by the JC bag, the hunt is on for another one. The problem is trying to find "the one." lol Guess it's back to more browsing and :drool: at everyone else's bags!