Is there a baby pink mini lin?

  1. Hey guys!

    I recently saw a baby pink mini lin mongram speedy 30 on eBay!! Is there even such a thing? It's such a cute colour!
  2. i thought the pink came in the Diaper bag style only
  3. Thought so too. Could be wrong. John or Rebecca?
  4. Are you referring to the Trapeze GM?
  5. There's a mini lin pink diaper bag though... there's baby blue too.
  6. Hmmm im not sure what it's called, it looks exactly like a speedy but. Maybe it's a fake?
  7. It came out in cherry in the monogram mini, but I wouldn't exactly call it baby pink. Besides it was the Josephine, not the speedy. The baby pink came out in the diaper bag only. Then you have the bright neon in the mary kate cabas, etc...not in the speedy ever.
  8. the speedy mini lin colors are dune (white) and ebony (really dark brown borderline black). that would be really cute if they had baby pink:love:!!!!!! but thats probably a fake on eBay....:sad:
  9. Speedy, in mini/mini lin, and pink...

    Sounds like a wrong combination to me.
  10. Monogram Mini pink in LE Trapeze and Mini Lin pink available in the current LE collection as a diaper bag only. Those are the only two styles that were produced in Mini/Mini Lin.
  11. There was a baby pink mini mono print...maybe that's what you saw? :shrugs:
  12. Yeah the Mini Lin is only in the Dune and Ebene for now and the only pink item is the new Diaper bag.
    The only similar bag would be the Trapeze PM/GM which came out a few seasons ago.
    Here's the GM, and there's a bit smaller one as well (the PM), currently being sold by Chanelslk on eBay:
  13. You're good!
  14. Lol thanks. I always liked that Trapeze but would be afraid to use it often..I know how afraid I am to use the Dior Girly Boston I have. I don't want to get it dirty! Haha.