Is there a 225 in light/dark silver available?

  1. I heard a lot 226/227 & even a 224.

    Is there any 225 at all?

    I mean for the 07 season that I can still get from the store.

  2. I think the Tyson's Corner Chanel in Virginia may have the 225. If not ask for Indra, she tracked me down a silver 226 today, I think they had the 225 in dark silver there.
  3. I'm looking for a 225 light silver myself, and no luck so far. The Chanel boutiques are sold out, and all of the department stores are saying they didn't order the light silver at all. I'm sure you can still get the dark silver in that size, though.
  4. i believe only Chanel SF order the sz 225 (that's what my Sa told me)
  5. Thanks, shmoo88, CharityJ & mylilsnowy for the update.

    Still wondering...

    Is the 225 for 2007 silver same size as the black one in 2005?

    How long is the chain if I want to wear it acrossbody?

    Also, do you know the price for 225 silver?
  6. it should be $2150
  7. It should be the same size as the 2005 reissues. I'm not sure about chain length, but I think they're som pics floating around of people wearing the bag messenger style if you need a reference.
  8. Thanks mylilsnowy. I just reserved one in dark silver. Thanks so much! TPFer are great!
  9. congrats, ceci!
  10. CharityJ - I know someone has put up one 226 on ebag with ~$3K tag. So, when I told my SA about that, she was wondering who will pay that bag for $3k & even she said she maybe able to get one with current retail price. Anyway, I hope you can find one soon! Probably try the SF Chanel too, that's where I got the dark silver. I was just lucky enough to get it today because someone decided to take another bag instead.:yes:
  11. Can I have the number of the SF chanel please?
  12. ceci- Thanks for the tip, I've tried the SF boutique a couple of times. An SA there told me that they had only gotten in two more in the 225 size, and they were pre-sold and that they weren't getting anymore in. Also, I saw that listing on eBay, hopefully no one pays that much for that bag. Especially when you can easily find a light silver in the 226 size. I think I'm gonna try the SF boutique again in the morning. Thanks for the tip! :smile:
  13. San Francisco, CA (415) 981-1550