Is there 3.55 chanel bag?

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  1. Hi is there a 3.55 chanel bag? what does it look like? I only know about 2.55 bag.
    Alos, is there also a bigger size than the jumbo bag in 2.55? :confused1:
  2. 228 is the bigger than jumbo version of the reissues.
    Never heard of a 3.55
    The sizes go:
    and the rarer 2.28
  3. I never heard of 3.55 bag. I don't think there is such bag too. If you are looking for classic flaps, jumbo flap bag is the largest size. But there are other different types of bags' sizes that are bigger than the jumbo flap bag, such as coco cabas.
  4. Thank you ladies for your quick reply. Someone just mentioned it to me and was confused as well since I never heard of it myself then thought to ask it for curiosity sake. i wish I knew there was an extra jumbo last month when i bought my 2.55 metallic navy reissue bag.. :sad: the jumbo is not enough for my everyday things...
  5. 2.55 actually stands for February, 1955, when the bag was first released.
  6. I saw the largest 2.55 reissue in the fall 2005, my SA showed it to me, they only received one and it was grey the reference was A30387 , I still have my SA note with the price. It was a huge bag. I don't remember if he mentioned it as the 3.55. I don't think so.
  7. You'd want the 228 metallic navy reissue then :smile:
  8. Hi, the periods in your size numbers mean nothing. There is no 2.24 or 2.28. The sizes are 224, 225, 226, 227, 228. These are the suffixes of the style numbers (before they were changed in 2008) so A30224, A30225, A30226, A30227, A30228.
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  9. 3.55 does not exist.
  10. I'm 100% sure of the A30387 it was a huge 2.55 , my store only received of piece.
  11. Yeah I realised that after but couldnt be bothered changing it.
    :smile: What Smootho said :smile:
  12. No 3.55 -but I'm curious to see how big it would be if it existed. The 228 is already pretty big IMO. ;)
  13. haha, i guess 3.55 doesn't exist then. never saw a 228 bag though.. hmm need to ask my Sa to show the bigger bag. Thanks so much guys for all your input on this... really helps... :smile:
  14. I never seen this coco's croc! especially in leather, lucky gal that owns this bag.