Is there 2 different versions of the Timeless Shopper??

  1. Does anyone know if there is two different versions of the Timeless Shopper? One has large caviar CC's and the other has small silver CC's. Does the silver one also come in Gold? The bag with the caviar CC's also is less expensive, can anyone explain this to me? They are both in the Reference library:Black Calfskin Bowler Winter 2006/2007 collection
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    Sheanabelle posted pics of
    Small petite shopping tote in black
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I *think* the first one you posted is the Timeless Tote (or something like that) and the other photo is of the Petite Shopping Tote...

    Hopefully someone can correct this info if Im wrong.
  3. I have the second one, and was also wondering the same thing??? I hope someone can clarify the different names. Is there a difference between the timeless and classic range???????????
  4. The second one looks like PST, but isn't the chain strap different? Or are there like two different PST breeds or something? :confused1: OR is it possible to wear the chain in different ways? How about the sides of that tote? To me they don't look that PST-y.

    Maybe I'm just seeing things. x__x'
  5. Good catch. I just looked again and noticed that it doesn't have the partial leather on the top part of the strap. In that case, Im not sure at all.
  6. A lot of tags/boxes of the Chanel bags will say Grand Shopping (when it's large) or Petit Shopping (when it's small).
    Not only on the GST's or PST's, these are common used names by Chanel.
    I've borrowed some pictures of the reference library to illustrate the names we use.

    00V means it is a ligne which continues every season, for instance the classic flaps and the PST/GST (timeless classic line).

  7. In this forum we use the term PST on the left one and the GST on the right one

  8. the small/petit shopper/shopping tote with zippered top

  9. the timeless classic tote/shopper with old chain

  10. and with new chain.


    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. Does anyone know what the apprx. retail would be for the GST but with this chain? (I don't care for the leather on the top of the handles.)
  12. The GST is only available with the leather handles on top.
  13. : ( Thank you.
  14. oh my -- that red is TDF!
  15. Beautylicious, do you know the retail price for the red one?