Is their any other Fendi stores?

  1. I am going on holiday in a few weeks time to the US, going down to Naples and St.Petersburg on the Florida side Gulf. Does anyone know of the Fendi stores in this area, I know theirs one in Miami and Orlando but are their any others. Thanks a lot.
  2. There is a list of all the Fendi boutiques in the US here

    The store in Orlando is an outlet, which is why it isn't listed. I think the Miami one you mentioned is listed as "Bal Harbour". There aren't any other Fendi boutiques, but you could look in the department stores Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue if they have them near where you are, as they might have Fendi.
  3. Thanks Litigatrix
  4. hee hee Saich - catch a flight up to NYC and get yourself in there on 5th Avenue - bag heaven!
  5. I had thought about doing that Secret, never been to New York do not know if I could do it in a day and get back to my hotel in the evening. Miami is a 1 1/2 hour drive from where I am staying do not know how long a flight would take to NY. My idea of heaven a holiday shopping :yahoo:
  6. Saich

    I go to New York at least twice a year. Last year 3 times as I just couldn't be in Florida and not go so I booked a flight (2 hours roughly) and nipped up there. If you are on holiday for a couple of weeks or even a week it may be worth going up there. I went in the morning flight and came back the next day. Only thing I would say is that for your first time you may want to spend a lot longer (I always go for a week now) but defo if you could fit it in for a day trip to check out Fendi then I say do it. Fendi on 5th is fab! as is all the other dept stores carrying it!
  7. Also if you are going to be in Orlando (not sure if you are) but the Mall of Millenia which is the deisgner mall carrys quite a few spys especially in Neiman Marcus. It was there in October that I saw spys I had never seen anywhere! They had a few glass cases with the mink ones, beaded, tulle and so on and on. Fabby selection
  8. So you could do it in a day? I need to get back to my hotel in the evening, so if I went really early could get their for the shops to open spend all day shopping and get a flight back, this sounds brilliant. So I would need to go to Fendi on 5th any other Department stores which are a must? Thanks for this Secret.
  9. I fly into Tampa airport, their for 3 nights then drive down to Naples, I can get a flight from Naples or Fort Myers I think to NY but did not want to go across to Orlando this time been their 6 times.....
  10. Yes I think you could get a flight there and back the same day. Would be pretty late at night though. I got the really early flight in the morning and I never checked for coming back at night as our friends wanted to take in a show so we stayed over. Usual suspects for the stores - Fendi on 5th, Begorf Goodman, Bloomies (cant remember if they stock any fendis - mmm memory gone, need to go back and check it out!!!)

    Hope you manage to pop up for a day - it is my favourite place in the whole world - I would live there in a shot (and nearly did - thanks hubbie for saying no!!!)

    Let me know if you need any other info, it's like my second home!
  11. Incidentally as well the flight was like next to nothing from Orlando. I think it was no more than £100. Internal flights in USA are so reasonable.
  12. Secret-Shopaholic, AKA The new york tourist office :biggrin:

    you describe it sooo well, it makes me want to be there now!!! :smile:
  13. Jet Blue has really cheaps flights to NY. They start at like $69. It's like 2- 2 1/2hrs. Its worth it if you want to do some shopping!
  14. Thank Secret and Fendilover. I have been checking flights, but can only get a direct flight from Tampa or Miami and I am only in Tampa for 3 nights before I head down to Naples. I shall have to see when I get their how jetlag I am.....LOL I tried finding a direct flight from Naples airport or Fort Myers but it seems they do not do one, to get to New York is a 5hour trip via Atlanta. I so wanted to go to the Fendi store in NY