Is the zip-bottom bag the new fad for 2006?

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  1. Fear the Year of the Zipper!

    (I'm really not feeling this. Especially the Dior. It looks like a portrait of the Hamburgler.)
  2. I hope not... I like both bags, but not with the zip-bottom.
  3. How do you use that section? If you open it while the bag is on your arm, everything tumbles to the ground and how would you rezip it? If you are meant to sit, put the bag on your lap, open the section, etc, etc, etc, sounds like too much work!
  4. I'm not feeling that first bag either...YUK!!! Even the paddie for that matter. I won't be carrying that look. I actually find my Spy awkward to get in and out of it; I can't imagine zipping the bottom. Thank goodness there is a bag I'm not lusting after.:lol:
  5. I've only seen that look on travel bags - you can stick your shoes in there. Something tells me that shoes don't fit into those bags ;)
  6. If that look is the new look, I'll stick with the old look. Sooo bulky!
  7. It doesn't seem like it would be practical. I can see where it would work for luggage, but not for a handbag.
  8. I had thought that version of the Dior was sort of a travel/cosmetics case, not a handbag. Seems too unwieldy.
  9. I'm not diggin' the Dior...But the Chloe YES!
  10. I actually like the new Chloe. The zip-bottom makes it more casual looking. I want to see it in other colors when it comes out. :love:
  11. I never liked Either
  12. The Paddington is so nice and slouchy. What does that sorta rigid zipper around the bottom do? Doesn't it hamper the slouchiness and keep it more structured?
  13. You express things so well for us!!:love: