Is the zip-bottom bag the new fad for 2006?


Balenciaga's lover
Oct 29, 2005
Is the zip-bottom bag the new fad for 2006? Check out the new Dior Detective and the 2006 Chloe Paddy! What do you guys think?


How do you use that section? If you open it while the bag is on your arm, everything tumbles to the ground and how would you rezip it? If you are meant to sit, put the bag on your lap, open the section, etc, etc, etc, sounds like too much work!
I'm not feeling that first bag either...YUK!!! Even the paddie for that matter. I won't be carrying that look. I actually find my Spy awkward to get in and out of it; I can't imagine zipping the bottom. Thank goodness there is a bag I'm not lusting after.:lol:
The Paddington is so nice and slouchy. What does that sorta rigid zipper around the bottom do? Doesn't it hamper the slouchiness and keep it more structured?