Is the XL snow leopard muse worth $2000?

  1. This bag has haunted me lately as "the one that got away". Now Ive located one (and no, not on eBay)...and its two grand. The most Ive ever spent was $1780. lol


    Its the most gorgeous leopard (jaguar, whatever) bag Ive ever seen. But Ive never seen it IRL though. I hear its calf hair, I thought it was leather.
  2. :drool: That's STUNNING! Are there no more in production? Did you call the boutiques? I'd love to get my hands on one myself :tender:.
  3. As long as you are able to return it, I'd get it and try it on to see how it looks on you!
  4. Hmmmm.... Since that snow leopard Muse came out about a year ago, there have been about a half-dozen threads on it. Some tPFers love it, some hate it.

    I'd say, only get it if you REALLY REALLY love it--and can see yourself carrying it fearlessly and frequently! :yes: It takes a special kinda woman to carry an animal print bag, or at least to carry it well.

    Also, just fyi, some tPFers have mentioned concerns in the past about calf hair bags "balding/shedding" over time. In my experience, YSL bags are very well made, but apparently, this can be an issue and you should be aware of it.
  5. :shocked: I think it would be more practical and attractive as a mini; it would be perfect for special occasions. You should hold out for something in the future that catches your eye.
  6. Those are all some good points, thank you. Im checking to see if returns are an option.

    I think I do really really want it. I can tell because I have that nagging feeling, and also I had one of those epiphanies long after somethings gone. :tender:

    Yah, there was only a half dozen threads on the bag. For something that's been out a year, that's not alot. I was disappointed haha, thought it'd be alot more popular.
  7. I've seen that muse in real life and all I can say is YES GO FOR IT!! :tup:

    I loved the leopard muse, it is such a stunner in real life and I'm not normally a fan of leopard bags! But in this design, everything just works: the combination of the leather, the hardware, the leopard design.
  8. it is a hot bag, and i remember the retail value being over $2K.
  9. Ive decided against it, I dont love it enough to spend two grand. That's Chanel territory. :crybaby:
  10. You'll find love again, no worries.
  11. Ladies, this bag is always mistaken as a Muse. It actually is not a Muse. The model name is in the tip of my tongue! My s a in YSL corrected me. Let me recall what model name it is & get back to you all!
  12. i've heard it called two things, a yse and a fauve.

    I owned this bag briefly. I thought it was to die for beautiful, but just too much for me since it's so huge. I own an oversized muse, so it wasn't the size, but the size + leopard.
  13. Oh my! It's beautiful! And it matches my YSL muse wallet too..=)
  14. NOPE. Not my style but YMMV.
  15. I love it.