Is the XL muse too heavy?

  1. I like the XL's shape better than the Large but is it too heavy to walk around with all day (shopping, etc.)? For example, the large gucci horsebit is so heavy, I wouldn't be able to carry that. I've seen it at YSL but I didn't notice if it was a heavy bag. I just love it though.
  2. I just tried on the Large and XL muse yesterday. I hafta agree, the XL has a nicer shape. Personally, I didn't feel as though the XL was too heavy. But it also depends on what you are going to put in your bag. Since it is bigger are you going to stuff a ton more stuff into it than you need?
  3. I don't think it was heavy, it's just huge. It over powered me and I'm not a tiny girl.
  4. Its big, its heavy. But then again, the paddy is heavy too.

    I am hoping that carrying them will count as "exercise", like weight training. [​IMG]
  5. Hah! :P The things we do for love--of handbags!!!
  6. :yes: Good idea, I could get it to get in shape!
  7. All kidding aside.....:graucho:

    Some bags are just heavier, the muse is one.

    If you're used to carrying something like a B bag, then go to a muse, you notice it. But if you're carrying a paddy then go to a muse, you don't notice it. Thats what happened to me when I switched bags.

    Switched from the paddy...didn't think about it. Then...a few bag switches later, I switched from a B bag to the muse...OMG, then I noticed!:wtf:

    I do think carrying a heavy bag should count towards the daily workout regime
  8. I don't think the XL Muse is that heavy but I think it gets heavy once you start really filling it. When I'm carrying around a big bag I tend to just shove my entire life into it and after awhile it can be overwhelming. I find with a smaller bag I'm much more likely to omit things I don't really need but with my Muse I kinda just start packing up everything.
  9. I think it's too big for a day-to-day bag. If I'm shopping, I want to use a bag that's large enough to put my purchases in, but small enough to be convenient and light enough to put on my shoulder all day. The oversized is not such a bag. It is good for weekender, travelling or if you have lotsa documents to carry when going to work. But not as a daily-use bag.
  10. For me - my XL Chocolate is the perfect everyday bag. I carry:

    *small makeup bag
    *very small thin agenda book

    I could also have:
    a recent magazine (if i'm going to be somewhere that i know i'll have some reading time)
    several pieces of paper with info on them
    maybe a cd or two.
    thin pashema

    I don't overstuff mine - but I like having the option to load her up if i'm running errands.

    I don't find her heavy at all. (same weight wise as my Chloe Ediths)
  11. I have the large in black and I have to say I love it. I tried the XL and it was way too big for me. I am about 5'3". The large looks much better and is definately not too heavy. I love how the leather is softening and the silk inside is delicious.
  12. The bag itself is not heavy and I think it looks better than the large muse.
  13. hi spylove i have the xl muse. its not heavy just dont fill it with a lot of things. its pretty big, but its not as heavy as it looks. youll love it