Is the work good for travel?

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  1. I am thinking about purchasing a work for travel (mostly air travel). The concern I have is that it doesn't have a shoulder strap. I usually bring my Lo & Sons bag as a carry on and a small cross body to hold my ID/money. I just love the look of the work (I'd probably still pack a small cross body inside of it). The main concern is that it would be tough to juggle that, a carry on and my luggage in the airport. Thoughts?
  2. I used to travel a ton for work and IMO a bag without a shoulder strap is a pain and difficult to manage along with another carry on plus luggage. Add to that a boarding pass or phone for boarding, carrying aboard coffee or water or food, etc. It's just a lot of juggling...
  3. I agree, and wouldn't ever travel with a bag with no shoulder strap.
  4. I use my work for travel as it is very roomy, and i can put more stuff without it having to be too heavy! I usually bring a lot of documents and reading materials, so the work is a perfect size. I put my boarding pass and passport in the front pocket. When i have my luggage already, i just put it on top and wheel away the luggage (with the work on it)...Otherwise, i wear the work on my shoulder.
  5. I have no problem traveling with my Work. I can't stand a shoulder strap most of the time unless the bag is very small like the Nano and I can wear it crossbody. Otherwise the strap just falls off my shoulder.
    I normally just put the Work on my shoulder by the handles and it fits nicely and quite comfortable. I also place it atop the luggage on wheels like Pinaybaglover above.
  6. I most definitely would prefer to travel with a bag that has a strap
  7. totally agree. Bags with straps bag are ideal for travel