is the white MC

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  1. purse (speedy 30) still wearable? it's not too "played out" right??
  2. i love mine....sometimes i feel out of date...but its now a permanent line so you can make it look good with outfits without having to try to be "trendy"....its more like a classic now........
  3. I dont think its played out, but I sold mine because it was just so darned heavy.
  4. oh is it really heavy?? was it inconvenient to carry around?
  5. Hi... I use mine quite often and still love it but it is quite heavy (all that metal!!!) so it's not the best choice if you're going to do loads of walking all day long.
  7. wow. i didn't know it was so heavy! was it 6lbs alone or was that including like a wallet and etc?

    does anyone have a picture of them carrying the white MC? (i'm about 5'3 and i would like to know what it would look like on me) :smile: TIA

  8. I'd say about 4.5 lbs without anything in it. :Push:
  9. I Agree ~ Since It's Part Of The Regular Collection...It's More Of A Classic. Yes! It Is A Heavy (But, Beautiful!) Bag!
  10. Yeah..I don't think it's "played out."
    However, I DO think FAKE MC Speedys are played out. That's why it's not seen as much now...all the people who bought the fake ones have had to resort to something else since the fake LV fell apart.
    But like everyone else said, it's a part of the permanent line so it'll never be played out. :smile:
  11. I used mine the other day and didn't feel like it was played out since they just added even more pieces to the multicolor collection May 1.
  12. Its a great bag for shopping, holds a ton. But is very heavy. I love mine but after a few hours of carrying it you're ready to let your arms rest.
  13. Bijou, I think you should try it IRL...if you can! It's not that heavy to me, at least not enough to not buy this beauty. I've always thought this bag was going to be a classic, it's really beautifully made....I'm sure you're going to fall in love with it, when you see it IRL!
  14. It's reallllllly heavy! I loooove the look of the bag, but it's heavy - all MC bags are really heavy, but just so gosh darn beautiful!:love:
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