Is the Virevolte Bag Worth the Price?

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  1. I've been thinking about this and would love the opinion of all of you esteemed Hermes experts!:

    I was recently at an H Boutique and tried on the Virevolte bag in a rich Indigo Blue and in Prune. I love soft shoulder bags-for example my H Gao is still one of my favorites.

    But... is the Virevolte style worth the $5450.00 price tag? Do you see this is a timeless style or passing fad? It's certainly not "Hermes" like but the leather is so yummy with the swift and clemence combo.

    I'd love your thoughts!
  2. I say no.... I would suggest a Victoria instead.
  3. i tried one on irl when they first came out
    was really hoping i would love it
    but DS and father told me no

    i think the structure of the bag is off, and the flap closure is awkward
    it doesnt convey the craftsmanship of h in my humble opinion

    evelyn may be an option for you to consider as shoulder bag alternatives
  4. + 1
  5. Sorry I am not a fan either.
  6. Don't like it
  7. Sorry to have to join the chorus, but I don't think the Virevolte is worth it.

    I've looked it up on the US website. - the UK site is less user friendly - and I think you would regret spending that amount of money on something which really doesn't showcase the materials and craftmanship which are fundamental to Hermes.

    At the moment I'm trying to talk myself out of the Victoria II in geranium, if only for the sake of my bank manager's mental health, but if you compare and contrast the two bags I think the Victoria is a much better example of Hermes strengths.

    Of course, the only person who knows what you really want is you; all we can do is give our own opinions. But it's worth bearing in mind the fact that the leathers are just as yummy in the other designs; my Double Sens is in Clemence and it's hard not to stroke it :smile:
  8. I really wanted to like the Virevolte. Looks-wise, the all black one is right in my wheelhouse- a little casual but still edgy. However, it wasn't comfortable on and kind of sat awkwardly on my shoulder, so I had to pass.

    If you love the leathers but not the style, there are other options that are more in line with Hermés quality, in my opinion. My rule of thumb: if you absolutely love it, get it! But if you don't, wait, because something you love will come along before you know it.
  9. +1
  10. No skip it
  11. I got one last year in Rome. It's rouge H and I thought it was cool because it had just come out and would make a great souvenier. And the exchange rate and duty free made it relatively inexpensive. But it is still sitting in its dustbag. I have never worn it. I guess I have too many nicer bags. Probably not worth full taxable price, in my opinion. :nogood:
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    Last edited: May 11, 2016
    ^^Well said. I just love comfortable, easy to wear-over-the-shoulder bags, but I think this style will not be next for me-and I love hearing everyone's input! I have a Gao, Evelyne and GP at this point. I could kick myself for not getting the Massai Cut when it was available!!
  13. ^^Sandbag, I'm sorry to hear your Virevolte is still in hibernation!
  14. Oh no!! I'm so sorry to hear that sandbag :cry:
  15. Skip it.