Is the VINCENNES still available in stores?

  1. Hi everyone, this is my first post in the YSL sub-forum (although I've been in love with YSL bags for the last 2 years, just haven't bitten the bullet and bought one yet). I was wondering if anyone knows about the current availability of the VINCENNES bag -- preferably the large size, in black (buffalo?) leather, with the gold handle. I :heart: that gold handle and am also curious to find out if any other (currently available) YSL bags come with that handle? I remember seeing the Vincennes readily available at Bergdorf, Saks NYC last year....unfortunately I was saving up for another bag back then and now that I'm ready to buy the Vincennes, everywhere (in NYC) seems to be sold-out :sad: I went to the YSL boutique in NYC and one of the SA's there just gave me the curt reply that Vincennes is a discontinued style no longer in production.....? Is that REALLY the case? So no chance of locating one ANYWHERE (Saks, Neimans, other YSL boutiques around the country) other than eBay? I'm never one to take a "no" for an answer (at least not until I search around!), so I'm really hoping our knowledgeable PFers here can offer some advice. TIA!
  2. ok why do you try some outlets. There are a few around in Nj I think. Yes it is a discontinued bag. I love the bag as well, very nice. Ebay might be your only option at this point. I see authentic ones listed on there. Good luck.
  3. hi foxycleopatra:smile: ...

    i just bought mine than a month ago at a YSL boutique and she is TDF. it was actually my first love and had to really save up for it. the Vincennes is a discontinued style from last year. i bought the medium sized vincennes (since i'm very petite), the bag measures about 15" x 11.5",the brass handles are TDF although they are a bit heavy. anyways, when i was there i also looked into the large one but it was too big on me but my sister wanted to buy it so we went back to the store a week later and she was gone:crybaby: i'm not sure about ebay but i don't think i'd consider it for a second.......

    good luck on your search:flowers:
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  4. I don't know for SURE, but I saw a couple on sale a few months ago at the boutique in NY - I was tempted, but didn't buy one!
  5. I'm not sure if you're still looking, but i *just* saw it yesterday at the YSL outlet at Woodbury Commons for $479 (or something like that) - I'm not familiar with the sizes but I would say that it was the medium based on the dimensions that blu_77 provided above. HTH!
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  7. They had some one or two months ago at the Palm Springs Outlet for around 500-ish. I think it was the smaller size though, and they had a few colors. I'm not sure if it's still there though.
  8. blu_77, that is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
  9. Blu_77

    Do you have inside pictures of the vincennes you purchased?

    The one I got recently seems "off" to me and I would really appreciate your help in seeing if mine looks as your does.