is the vernis ludlow wallet useful and practical?

  1. hi,

    i'm thinking of getting a vernis ludlow wallet in pomme d'amour to use in my evening bags/clutches. i'm trying to decide getting the ludlow wallet or getting a credit card holder instead. however, i might have to get a cles in addition to the credit card holder too.

    the chanel credit card holder that i'm interested in can hold about 5 cards with some folded cash too.

    can the ludlow hold as much?

    thanks in advance for your help
  2. I think it's useful, but I don't think it holds really that much.

    I have 3 cards to carry and some cash. Usually the cash goes with my coins in the change compartment and my cards are in their holders. Any more than that and it won't be a good wallet for you.
  3. It's very cute..and useful if you don't have many cards or bank notes. As for me, wallet is more useful compared to ludlow.
  4. I was thinking of getting one as well, untill last weekend I went to store to see Ludlow and cles. I found out Cles is bigger as I thought before, and more practical.
  5. I have a Peppermint Vernis Ludlow and I do have to say that it is very useful!

    I use mine to carry Euro coins (in the large compartment) and to carry my DL and a credit card when I go to the swimming pool so I don't have to carry around my whole purse. It's great!

    Just be careful with Vernis though since it's very prone to CT...Not sure how much the Pomme d'Amour is affected by it, but my peppermint has a bit of CT :sad:

    For functionality, I would get a Ludlow over a cles :smile:

    PS: Yes, it can hold folded cash too. I usually have my Euro coins and maybe around 20-30 EUR in bills folded up in there when I'm heading out. Again, I like mine!
  6. I have both ludlows in vernis and Chanel card holders and I fit the same amount into both -- DL and CC, some paper bills and that's it. Ludlow you could probably get more money in and the Chanel you can get more cards in, so it's pretty much even. I like them both!
  7. I actually think a large cles, or cozy would be more useful.
  8. I really like the look of the ludlow and it holds a fair amount.
  9. I really like the look of it but it seems a bit small. I've been contemplating for a while now whether its worth getting or not. I'm still undecided.
  10. I love my ludlow, but I usually only using when going out or when I use one of my pochettes. I could never use it for an everyday wallet, i carry way too much crap!
  11. the ludlow has 3 card holders, but its easy to double it.

    i have it, and it has proved useful to me every single day.
  12. I think it's very useful, especially in a clutch when you don't want to bring too much!
  13. depends, it's not too useful for me because I tend to carry lots and the ludlow is a tad small for me (I prefer the fp).
  14. I have one that I've never used :O
    Guess there's not enough room for bills and my cards :sad:
  15. I have a Bronze Vernis one and used to use it when I carried I just use a billfold or my Groom Compact Zippe. The Ludlow is just way too small for cash and cards.