Is the vachetta trim on tokidoki the same with LVs?

  1. Just got my very 1st tokidoki. It's amore mamma mia and I AM IN LOVE :yahoo:

    I saw the vachetta trim on the bag that looks very much the same with my LV bags' vachetta. Are they the same? Anyone know if the toki one does get darker after a while? TIA
  2. My bf said LV owns Lesportsac. Is that true? LOL. If so, then I can see why it would be the same..if it is.
  3. That would be interesting if it is true. I would never have thought.
  4. hmm...thats interesting...can anyone confirm this?
  5. The parent company of LV is LVMH and lesportsac is not one of their brands.
  6. It looks similar, but its not the same thing. The lesportsac leather is not as durable as the LV's. Over time, it doesnt become honey (from oxidation).
  7. Good to know, thanks Laria!
  8. heh, i wonder where he read that then......
  9. Yeah the leather is treated... When I emailed lesportsac to ask about the leather they said it was very lightly treated vachetta leather..