Is the Ultimate Soft an "older" bag, or a new one out

  1. for Spring Summer 07? I saw a picture on the "poster" of new bags at Saks and liked one I thought looked like what I thought was the ultimate soft.
  2. As far as I know, it's a new bag - I've only started seeing them from 2007. It's gorgeous!!!
  3. New Ultimate Soft looks great. However the price if $1000 more than older ultimate soft flap.:sad:
  4. Chanel definitely made Ultimate Softs in 2006 (several members have them), and there were earlier versions as well, I believe. It's not an entirely new line.
  5. the new "ultimate softs" are called sombero or something like that, i think Smooth posted some info on them (in the same thread you found the picture of the trunk show ultimate soft). they're $1000 more though since the quilting on it is much more intricate.
  6. The "new ultimate soft" is called the sombrero, just like millie said. It's lambskin leather just like the old one.
    Chanel is launching a new color in the old ultimate soft. It's lavender and purplish. VERY GORGEOUS.

    Here is a pic comparing the two colors. OH, it's also available in light beige.
    This pic was from a thread earlier. It was not taken by me. It's from Nordstrom Seattle
  7. ^ omg, anne! thanks for posting a picture of the new lavender/purple colour. it looks gorgeous. now i'm kinda kicking myself for getting the black one although if i ever did get the purple ultimate soft, i'd never have any clothes to go with it.

    but that purple! :girlsigh:
  8. ^I agree..That purple is AMAZING
  9. I like the white one from the trunk show. anyone owns it?? share more pic pleassssse!!!!:yes: Aimee
  10. does anyone know where i can get a purple one from? anyone come across any? TIA!!
  11. I love the lavendar!! Crap I'm really having a hard time deciding what my next Chanel will be....decisions..decisions!! :heart: Emmy
  12. is the purple large or medium? it's gorgeous!
  13. love the purple!!!!!!
  14. I had a black one on hold a few weeks ago, but bought the Navy Patent Jumbo flap bag instead. I wish I could have taken them both. I actually thought there was more room in the Jumbo flap.