Is the Ultimate Soft a permenant bag?

  1. The tote, that is?
  2. I'm not sure but its ack out for the fall at $1595... I hope this helps
  3. I was hoping to be able to wait a little longer to buy it but if they aren't going bring it back for SS, I'll buy it now.
  4. I'm not sure if its coming back for spring. I was hoping to be able to get mine for christmas along with an e/w flap
  5. I hope you get it! What color do you want? I love the beige. I saw someone's on here in red which is TDF!
  6. I want black! boring I know LOL The red is gorgeous!
  7. Are you referring to the Ultimate Soft flap with the classic chain handle? If so, that's being discontinued, which is why they have not raised the price from $1595!
  8. ^ It did go up in september it was $1495 over the summer
  9. i have the beige!!! it's so fab but it's lambskin , i'm gonna let her go! acks!
  10. No, not the flap. I want the tote... it does have the chain handle though. Retail is $1795 on the one I want as of recently. Can anyone help on that? I will be going to a trunk show and I'll ask me SA then but I'd love any info you have.
  11. I already have a few black bags (caviar though) and I love this so much. I figured I'd take the risk with lambskin. Is the upkeep really that bad? I am dying for a lambskin bag that isn't evening...
  12. [​IMG]

    The bag looks like that one (though not in that color.)
  13. I got the beige ... love it. I wanted red or coral but was warned by my SA that those colors don't wear well. She didn't know why but had seen a few returned because of the color issue.
  14. I just bought the medium ultimate soft for 1595. I asked sales rep. from Chanel in Boston if the bag will be discontinued and she said no. But it was quite difficult to find (in MA). I had to have mine shipped from Hawaii to MA.
    passport 020.jpg
  15. Thank you. I will be stopping by today to talk to my SA. I am hoping the large won't be as hard to find. I don't even know if they still make the red/coral do they?