Is the Trouville a Young bag?

  1. I just posted the question about Trouville size, and now I would like to know if you think this is an appropriate bag for a lady in her 40's who dresses in classic style?
  2. Of course it is! A lot of people always ask about whether the MC line is too young but I've yet to see anyone of any age carrying an MC bag who doesn't wear it well. :yes:
  3. For me I think Trouville is a classic bag just like speedy that can dressing up or down, so I'll say go for it!!
  4. Not too young at all. It's a classic shape and I'm sure would look wonderful with your classic style. Go for it!
  5. The "age" of the bag really depends on what you wear it with. I think it would look great with a classic style outfit on any woman.
  6. I agree, it's quite ageless, but if I have to decide I*d say not on the young side, it's very ladylike classic looking.
  7. ^^^I agree with the above. I always thought of it as more of a classic looking bag as opposed to trendy.
  8. I think any age could carry a MC Trouville. Did you look at the MC Alma, I think that's another nice bag.
  9. I agree!