Is the Tribute platform sandal considered a classic or is it totally out in 2018?

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  1. I have a dilemma and I’m looking for some opinions to help me make up my mind. Several years ago I purchased my one and only pair of Tribute platform sandals. They are the only pair of strappy sandals that I have ever owned that don’t give me blisters and don’t make my feet ache. I really want to purchase a second pair, however I have noticed that they are no longer to be found on some of the department store websites, leading me to believe that possibly this style is being phased out. Saint Laurent shows them on their website in the color I want, but not in nearly as many colors as they used to offer.

    I have also read snarky comments online in regards to people still wearing a platform style heel, particularly the YSL Tribute sandal. According to some of the comments I’ve seen, “nobody” wears platforms anymore. I have to say that being 5’6” with unusually short legs, platforms are my best friend. They don’t make my legs look long by any means, they actually just succeed in making my legs look normal without me having to wear a four or five inch heel which my feet can’t tolerate.

    I am hesitant to spend close to $900 on a pair of shoes that are truly no longer in style. Unfortunately the style of sandal that seems to be so popular with all the designers, the one with a single skinny strap over the foot near the base of the toes, I just can’t do. Guaranteed blisters every time I’ve worn a sandal with that design. I am not the type of person who revamps their wardrobe every year with whatever the newest trends are. I tend to buy things that I consider to be classic and can be worn for many, many years. I don’t personally know a single person who owns this sandal (the people I hang with don’t spend that much on shoes) but we travel a lot and frequent the types of places where this show would be recognized.

    So I’m wondering how many of you who own these still wear them? Would you consider buying another pair? Are they a classic or not?

  2. I own one pair in color Marine Blue smooth leather and today I purchased my second pair in color Cognac online at Saks. I see them on all the high-end department stores' websites with new colors offered each season, including the YSL website, Neiman's, Barneys, Saks, etc. I love them and will wear them for years to come. Hth
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  3. What departments store websites are you looking at because all the big ones here in America still have them in stock. Just the fact that they're still around is a testament that they've become a classic YSL item.
    Fashion comes in cycles...How many times have you seen platform shoes, bell bottoms, bucket bags, etc. come back? They come and go and come back again so it's useless trying to wear everything that's "current". Make your own style...if you like it then rock it.
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