Is the Tokidoki Luna worth buying?

  1. I am looking for a nice travel bag that is light and strong. I already have a Louis Vuitton keepall and a couple Lesportsac weekenders, but want to try something new. I wanted something different from the regular Lesportsac weekenders, but lighter than the Louis Vuitton. Does anyone own a Luna? If so, how has your experience been with the bag? Would you recommend buying it?
  2. Its an awesom style, carries a lot of stuff and very convenient for a short trip. I have 3 so I know. lolz
  3. I am going to be using mine for the first time tomorrow when I go to New Mexico for a work trip. I was trying to decide between using my Cucciolo (which I use everyday to tote junk to work) or my Luna. The deciding factor? I have to be able to fit a flute in the bag to take for a customer to try out, and it won't fit in the cucciolo! (I work for FluteWorld - and we are going for a HUGE convention.....*exhausting*)
  4. Definitely. If I had the $$, I'd have one by now :yes: I've read that it's an excellent bag for travel, and after seeing them IRL myself... I have to say that it looks like it can fit a LOT of stuff, while still keeping shape and looking really cute~ :yes: I'd go for it!!
  5. Thanks everybody :flowers: I think I will buy one. the LV one gets a little too heavy for me with all the leather.
  6. I would LOVE a real monogram cerises keepall. I am pretty sure I have a fake, but a relative won it on eBay for me, and I don't have the heart to tell them, or be rid of it yet because I may offend them. But, I also don't use it because of that!

    I just stuffed my Luna full of everything I could, and it does seem to fit a lot!
  7. A fake? Awwww :crybaby:My keepall is just the regular monogram, but it is a great bag that I would recommend buying. It's gorgeous :drool: I don't travel too much because I am really busy with school. However, if you travel a lot, the authentic one is definitely worth the money :tup: For now though, I would like to try the luna, especially since the price is quite good. I'm glad to know it fits a lot. I'm definitely getting one :tup:
  8. I too am thinking about getting a Luna to just have one for a little getaway trip if ever i take one.

    Right now i have a Black Multicolor LV keepall. and that one sure gets heavy
  9. I had a citta luna and tried to use it but for me it was just too small and unstructured. I much prefer the adidas gym bags to those. I ended up selling it on eBay........
  10. I love my luna. I always use for weekend road trips and carry-on for plane rides. Only carry-on, never check it in...too precious, too expensive
  11. Yeah. My LV monogram keepall kills my back!!!:crybaby:BUT the Black MC keepall is BEAUTIFUL :drool: You are so lucky :yes:
  12. debating whether i should get a luna, trenino, or cucciolo for a short weekend trip (3-4 days max)?
  13. lol of all those 3 I only have a trenino and I haven't used it yet ... altho I'll be using it in about 2 weeks!! :woohoo:
  14. I used my Luna for a weekend trip and it was ok. I stuffed it though so it was hard to get what I wanted without taking everything out.

    It's a cute bag for travel though, I got tons of compliments on it!
  15. I used mine as a carryon and also for short weekend trips. I also use it as a gym bag.