Is the Timeless Caviar Clutch around all the time?

  1. I know the Medium Flaps are always around.. But is this Caviar Clutch always around all seasons? I wanted to get one but not now.. Maybe sooner or later… Anyone has any idea if it’s available all seasons?

    TIA! :biggrin:
  2. I really hope so, I really want one and plan to purchase this fall.
  3. "Timeless Classic" means it's permanent.
  4. Thanks Swanky! That's great to hear! Because I'm planning to get it sometime next year... I just hope it's still there when it's my time to get one already..
  5. What colors are available other than black and white right now???
  6. ^ I know they came in gold, purple, white, black, grey, and I think blue as well. I'm sure even if some colors are discontinued that you may still be able to find them floating around.

    They make them in lambskin, satin, and caviar.
  7. Thanks, what about red...gone? I wish there was a silver, that would be nice...I think I need one before the price increase...
  8. I had doubts about the clutch, but this is a bag that I totally love. I doubt that I will ever let my clutch go.
  9. My SA in HK just told me yesterday that the clutch will always be the way black caviar and satin are HKD7800, black lamb is HKD8500.
  10. red and some unique python colors are also out there.
  11. Yep I SO wanna get the clutch too! I have enquired w a few SAs in the US by email, apparently they only have black and white in right now.
  12. my NM has a ton of different ones.
    I remember a few perforated in different colors, a red lambskin, coral python, etc. . . .
  13. I've seen a red caviar one recently at my Saks.
  14. I love the Timeless Clutch..
    A red caviar would be TDF!
  15. The red is still out there. I've seen it several times recently.