Is The Tan Playground making a huge comeback?

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  1. Wow! It's amazing that sellers on eBay are starting to *dump* their Tan PG bags. There's the Ciao Ciao, Stellina, Campeggio, Bambinone, Denaro, Dolce and Angioletto ... I've never seen so many of them in such a short amount of time.
  2. but are they jacking the prices sky high?
  3. Some are starting the bids at reasonable prices so it's a great time to buy Tan Playground I think. One lucky gal got a Tan PG Ciao Ciao for retail :graucho: and another just slightly over retail.
  4. awesome! i'm glad the girl who was going to pay $320 for my tan campeggio copped out. the print finally grew on me!
  5. Your tan PG my dear is TDF! I am glad you've decided to keep it.
  6. I'm getting lucky myself; a co-worker is selling me her very gently used tan PG Ciao Ciao for $75 tomorrow. Score!
  7. What a sweet deal! Post pics pls when you get it! :tup:
  8. I know, it's crazy how many Tan Playground has been on eBay the last few days.. Also there is a lot more Foresta auctions too... Which is great for me but bad for my I hope the Ciao Ciao arrives on Monday.. I cant wait..hehe
  9. Awesome and congrats! I know you really wanted one.. :tup:
  10. i really want a tan playground bag now. whatever style they have to offer..haha....i sound too desperate!!
  11. And there are now two Caramella, one signed, and an Angioletto on eBay, both with 99 cents starting bids. It's so amazing!
  12. Really, in Tan Playground? Where? I don't see it!! Do the auctions not have the words "caramella" or "angioletto" in the title or something?
  13. Do a search for tokidoki no reserve! :smile:
  14. Grrr... Auctions like that frustrate me. *lol* I like to search by keyword, but because of auction like that I have to take the time go just go through all 600+ auctions under "tokidoki." *lol*
  15. I actually love mis-titled items, there's where the bargains are! :smile: