Is the strap drop on the MAB, MAM & Matinee the same?

  1. Every website I see has the dimensions and the strap drop length different (for the same bag lol), in your expert opinions, is the SD the same or different?

    I can fit the matinee over my shoulder....will I be able to do that with the MAM?
  2. Hi, I think the drop on the MAB is actually an inch or so shorter than that on the Matinee. At least I always feel like the Matinee is easier to wear on the shoulder. Someone can maybe confirm though.
  3. I think the Active Endeavors site (and probably some other similar ones) is pretty good with measurements; you could compare there. In my own experience, the strap drop on the regular sized MA bag feels and looks longer than the mini. But I would check one of the sites with measurements to be sure.
  4. The strap drop on my matinee is definitely longer than on my mam. I can get the matinee on my shoulder over my winter coat, while I can barely get the mam up the sleeve on my coat!
  5. the matinee for me seems a little longer than my mab. it fits better on my shoulder.
  6. Matinee seems longest, then MAB, then MAM. It may have to do with the shape too.
  7. I agree with the above poster. the MAM can barely fit on my shoulder with my thick winter coat!