Is the Stam classic or trendy?

  1. First off...hello! I'm new! LOL!

    Anyways...over the weekend I saw a girl carrying a gorgeous Stam in Mouse. It reawakened a need for me to have this bag. :yes: My husband offered to buy it for me for Christmas this year but I want to make sure I won't look like a trendoid carrying it since it's a costly item. I'm thinking I want either the dark blue that Lilo has/had (is it even still available?) or black?

    Any thoughts are much appreciated. :flowers:
  2. I don't think the Stam is trendy at all - it's a popular bag that has very classic styling. The petrol blue isn't available anymore, but you should check out the new topaz color if you like something in a bluish tone. I think that you definitely can't go wrong with a black one.
  3. That's too bad about the Petrol. It's really pretty. I guess trying to get one off of Ebay would be a bad idea since most sellers are shady? I guess black it is!
  4. It's very difficult to find an auth stam on ebay. I'd stay away from from ebay unless you know exactly what to look for. Petrol is extremely rare, I've been checking out ebay listings for a few months and I've never seen a real Petrol or Violet stam.

    You may want to wait until the resort and spring colors come out, Cobalt is another shade of blue that will be released soon.
  5. it's classic to me...
  6. Classic
  7. trendy
  8. I think it leans to Classic mostly.
  9. More classic than trendy IMO...

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  10. OMG, saw my first violet stam in Bev. Hills yesterday while sitting outside of Sprinkles... It was a lighter purple than I imagined, but it was stunning nonetheless... I think stams are classic.
  11. thithi can you send me some Sprinkles cupcakes? I'm dying for them. You Cali girls are so lucky.
  12. I think it's a classic and I'm pretty sure MJ is gonna keep making it. You can't go wrong with Black but check out Topaz or Cobalt if you like blue shades.
  13. OMG, they are so yummy! I am still trying to figure out how to send them without it getting stale, because you definitely have to try one! If there is a way you will certainly be on my list... Yesterday was my shortest wait in line, only 15 minutes this time. Their frosting is amazing... drooling right now thinking about it.
  14. I have the Stam in bronze and defintely think that is is a classic as well. It is one of those bags that years later will be considered "Vintage Marc Jacobs" and still be classy years to come. Defintely would suggest black,
  15. I consider it similar to the Chloe Paddington or the YSL Muse - a bag that sparked a huge trend, but is on it's way to becoming a classic.