Is the SPY Bag Craze Over?


Is the SPY really worth it?

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  1. Hello Ladies (and gents),:tender:
    I was wandering through eLuxury today (work? what work! haha) and I was wondering what we were thinking about the SPY bag. I have wanted one for a long time, my birthday is coming up and I wanted to add one to my wish list, but I was wondering if they are really all they are hyped up to be. I love the look, and no matter what if I want one that badly I would get it, but I was wondering what my fellow obsessors were thinking... :shrugs:

    Are they just a fad, or do you think the Fendi SPY will become a classic some day??
  2. I think there will always be Spy's. It's not my favorite design, although I do admit I thought I wanted one some time ago, but I have read some posts on this forum where some members complained that the handles were rather awkward and you could definitely not hoist it over your shoulder without it being uncomfortable. I do think that there will always be Spy's, though.
  3. U know I cant make up my mind over this... If i see someone else carrying a spy, I would think its so passe... cos the design is so intricate and fussy and so eye-catching. Its not a simple utilitarian bag like a speedy or birkin or even a ysl muse.

    But on the other hand, if i m the one carrying it, I wouldn't give a damn about what other pple might say, cos its just so girly and Barbie-ish.
  4. I would disagree...I think that the SPY exudes a sense of style and sophistication... I don't really think they are to Barbie-ish, but that is why tpf is great, everyone's opinions. I just think that while the SPY is carried by some really aggrivating and might I say *dumb* celebrities, those that do carry it have a great sense of style (most of the time) and that is just my opinion....anyone else??
  5. I asked this question last month and now I have three. Speaks for itself? Let me explain how *I* see it;).

    I hated it when it came out, but I had to actually buy one to appreciate its awesomeness. I too don't care if its in or out, some say its out, some say its a classic. Either way I still see celebs buying the new ones as they come out. Depending on your preference you may like it or not, as with any bag. I love mine because they look gorgeous and hold a lot. Love the coin purse, easy access. The handles do hurt if the bag is really heavy, for me this isn't really a problem. You can always carry it on your arm or hand if it hurts your shoulder. The leather is soft if you choose one of those, and the colors are gorgeous. I would say that if you like one now, go for it! I'm glad I did.:love:

    **Warning: May cause obsessions.

  6. I am also not one to complain about a heavy bag, I have a Chloe Paddington (nuff said!) And I actually like carrying purses on my arm and not always on my shoulder, makes them really stick out that way!! Thanks for the great advice! What colors do you have??? :drool:
  7. Blueberry, squirrel denim, zucca/nappa!:heart::heart::heart: lol as my signature says.."I vant alll of themm!!"
  8. what an interesting question... i actually felt that it is now as classic as the bagguettes, otherwise i would not have *just* bought one. but i could be wrong.

    i felt that every now and then, a design house would really strike genius and the stuff they came out with just last forever. like prada's bowling bags, fendi's bagguettes with their buckle straps and superimposing patterns on logos, chanel's quilt and chain look, etc. other brands even immitate them. and some of these features are still around today about 10 years or so later.

    i can actually carry the spy on my shoulder rather nicely. and i am hoping that with some weight and stretch the handles might become softer? also, the LEATHER, is soooo lovely. that is the only reason why i bought several balenciaga motorcycle bags even though some people say that it is sooo over now.

    i still can't say if it is over or not, but..... who cares....?
  9. That is pretty fantastic!!! I was thinking about this one:
    For some reason I am really drawn to the color. Great for fall and sooooo pretty...and just like you said, I will probably get hooked and buy more in other colors!!!
  10. I LOVE the honey! I haven't seen it in real life but :drool:. Good choice!
  11. wow, princessa, if that is the real colour, it is loooovely!

  12. I KNOOOOOWWW...isn't it awesome...I want it now!!! :drool:
  13. I have seen the honey IRL and it is gorgeous. Go for it. I just bought a Zucca spy and will get a baby spy in cognac. The spy is as classic as a YSL muse IMO.
  14. lhasa, does the honey looks like that in real life?

  15. I have this one! Best color hands down....IMO.

    You wouldn't regret it. I also like utilitarian bags.

    The color is perfect for all seasons and it seems to match the majority of my wardrobe. I carry it every day. Only things is...I have to get it cleaned often, since the color is so light and the leather is so soft. It's worth it though!:p