Is the Spy a classic?

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  1. I would like opinions as to whether the spy bag is a classic, if it will stand the test of time? I do not have one, but I really, really like it. Thanks.
  2. I personally think it is a Classic, don't care what others think. I love my Chocolate Spy and I will be using her till I die. :roflmfao:
  3. The Spy is an absolutely fantastic bag and i think it will definately be around for a long time!!
  4. i think the spy bag is right now in the process of proving its ability to be a classic :yes:

    i have 2 and i dont care if its trendy tho and ill carry it next winter in LA and NY, and i use them everyday now :yahoo:
  5. It's really interesting to read all the comments in those links - thanks pavlovakitty.

    I noticed they were posted about a year ago so it's interesting to know what people think now.

    I believe it's beginning to sway towards the classic now...less celebrity hype but still very popular. The Fendi forum always seems to have more posts regarding the Spy than say the BBag which is the newer Fendi bag.

    I think it could well be a classic one day...just not quite yet.
  6. Definately a classic IMO:smile:
  7. Absolutely agree:a beautifull classic!
  8. When it first came out, I never thought I would like Fendi Spy because I rate it as trendy than classic. Now, after it's been out for couple of years, I suddenly feel this bag is so classic and fantastic, just like some of the LV classic style. Now, I definitely think spy is more classic than trendy.
  9. ^i dont think LV is a classic but thats jsut me, spy should never be compared to it :nuts: lol, i love fendi!
  10. I posted that it's a classic over a year ago ... until now, the spy still has a following. It may no longer be an 'It' bag but it can still hold its own against the new styles coming out.
  11. Yes, I tend to agree with above. I'm kinda glad it's not so much of an "it" bag anymore. It is just a beautiful bag. No other bag I have seen has leather that even approaches the lusciousness of spy leather, and you can tell that they are well-made just from looking at them. The pleating, weaving on the handles, etc, gets me every time!
  12. There is no doubt in my mind it will be a classic. I can honestly see myself rockin' it when I'm old and wrinkley! :nuts:
  13. Heck, I am old & wrinkley:wtf:!! The spy works for me & it will hang off the wheelchair handle quite easily :graucho:!
  14. They seem to be coming up with new models every year. Some which take off and some that don't. They still sell the baguettes at the NY store, some for over $2000.
    I agree with it's in the process of becoming a classic