Is the Speedy Mirage REALLY worth it?!?!?

  1. Haha, please don't shoot my head off!! I was in love with the mirage speedy the first time I saw it's photos on tpf and now that I've seen it in person, I'm slightly disappointed but I still think it's very nice! My dilemma is whether or not I should get it (yes, typical dilemma!!) as I'm a student...a student that loves to shop unfortunately :sad: Anyhow, that amount of money is for shopping...either I get the speedy mirage, or I buy a bunch of other stuff -- what do you guys suggest? Will the speedy mirage be a classic piece? Will I regret my purchase? HELPPPPPPPP!!, especially you mirage owners...ENABLE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :tup:
  2. i think the mirage speedy has an interesting twist to a classic. a big plus is that there's no vachetta to get dirty.

    i'm a speedy addict. i have mc, damier, and mono speedies. i love the mirage and it is a great addition to my collection.

    it is a bit pricey for a speedy, but i can see myself carrying this bag for years.
  3. I have 3 speedies and I like the mirage too but I wouldnt get it even if I could afford it. Its just a regular mono canvas speedy with different handles IMO. Dont shoot me pls pls pls! :graucho:
  4. Yeah, it was love at first sight when I got a glimpse of this bag months ago on the forum. So whenever I got paid I would stash some "Mirage" money away... but after seeing the money pile up, I decided to just wait for the bag to show up on let-trade (in a couple of years perhaps) and use the saved money for the condo I want to buy. I'll just imagine that my other speedies (that are a fraction of the Mirage's price) are my dream bag and try to be content with that.
  5. To be very honest with you, I don't own the Mirage Speedy BUT if I had the money I would most definitely get it.

    In my opinion .... it is the hottest bag that has came out this year by far.

    Too bad I didn't save up for this beauty. :sad:
  6. wow *hugs* i really appreciate everyone's honest opinion on this..i see everyone's perspective. on the one hand i want to throw caution to the wind and just buy the bag and enjoy it, while the other hand i am thinking...."that money could've bought these jeans, a nice wallet..etc.." hmmmmmmm....
  7. I actually like it alot since it's a twist on the classic Speedy with no vachetta.

    Just get whatever you feel like... Don't go with the hype and flow.
    Step back a bit. Ask if you would use it and how many times, etc.
    Especially for a student, you want to get the most BANG for your buck.

    Hopefully my DH forgets about the Mahina in a few weeks and gets me the Bordeaux Mirage Speedy in Vegas. :lol:

    Good luck with your decision!
  8. I think the Mirage is like most things. People who love it value it and think it is worth it and will become a classic. There are so many LE bags that I would not buy anything that I was not totally in love with. I passed on many bags like the mirroir, that were very limited but I was not totally crazy about.
    Now....if you love the mirage line.....then you will love this speedy. As others have said, it does not sag, does not have vachetta and the hardware is beautiful. I love my bordeaux and have not one regret about buying it, even though I was supposed to be on a ban.
  9. And the color fading up from the bottom is gorgeous. I agree, I think it is an excellent spin on a classic. And one that won't go out of style because the differences are subtle, IMO. I have been staring at mine trying to talk myself out of keeping it, but it isn't going to work!!!
  10. I'm a total speedy lover, so it's the "it" bag for me!!! I LOVE black, so this was the perfect combo for me. I think it's a hot bag!!!!
  11. I too am a speedy LOVER! I have the bordeaux and I have to tell you that it has a defect. My store is desperately trying to get me another one, but there is no promise.... I don't want to give up my bag! I LOVE IT!
  12. oh no!!! what was the defect? :sad: I hope LV finds you another one soon...if not, ask them to get some in Canada? I know it's not quite as popular here! *hugs* i hope everything works out for you!!

    thanks for everyone's response :smile: I'm going back to LV today one last time...hopefully I'll be posting pics of the mirage :smile:
  13. Sounds like you have DOUBTS, Bee-licious.

    It's not a cheap bag, so you really have to be in LVOE with it to spend $2K
    on this limited edition.

    I knew I wanted this bag since I saw the promos for it, from PHOTOS.
    You have seen it IRL, and you aren't feeling the LVOE, it seems.

    Use the $$ for things you absolutely MUST have, and won't give you any doubts about your purchase !!

    Good luck deciding !!!!!!
  14. *sigh* it's not really's more because I'm a student, and my conscience is just constantly nagging at the fact that I'm a student, and getting a $2k bag won't be as comparable as getting more items with that money.... like someone said above..."more bang for your buck" :push:

  15. i totally agree :tup: