Is the speedy empt 25 too small ?

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  1. I just ordered this in the speedy 25 I have a DE 30 is the 25 too small ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391728270.068835.jpg

    They used the Noe as color comparison
  2. I had the 30 in canvas so I assumed that I'd need the 30 in Emp. After using it, I felt like it was too big. I have the 25 now and it's perfect. Only way to know for sure is to see how your things fit inside. I had entirely too much space left over in the 30 and it made the bag sag weird when I carried it. I usually carry the Zippy wallet, pochette, mini umbrella, sunglasses case, keys and phone and they all fit nicely in the 25.
  3. I personally like the all depends on how much stuff you carry
  4. For me, I can emphatically say that the Emp Speedy 25 is not too small! It's amazing that it carries everything that I put in my larger handbags.

    Don't listen to me though. Go and try it for yourself. You'll be amazed! :woot:
  5. I don't think so..the zipper extends out farther than the DE and mono. It can fit quite a bit....
  6. Thank you since it's sight u seen I'm thinking the size will be perfect. Do u like the color for spring summer
  7. I think you'll be really happy with it and find it can fit a lot..I have two and wear them all the time! What color did you order?

  8. The color is this one ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391731362.958245.jpg
  9. I had a Speedy 25 and sold it. Keep in mind I love small bags. The Speedy 30 is unequivocally too large for me. I found the Speedy 25 to be a tad too difficult to get in/out of. I wish they made a 28 as that would be the prefect size for me. My Speedy 25 was in Empreinte so it even had the extended opening

  10. Yes that is the color
  11. I think its a great color for spring/summer but I would have no problem wearing it all year.
  12. OP, without knowing you're lifestyle, I can't say if it's too small for you, but for me the 25 is the best! At mimimum, I carry my Samsung Note, Insolite, keys, sunglasses + prescription lenses, lip gloss + balm, tissues and Nurofen, with room to stuff in a scarf or fitted cardigan! BTW, I love Jaipur! I wish I had one now!
  13. The 25 is too small for me - not in terms of what it holds, I don't carry much in my bags - I just prefer the look of the 30.
  14. I agree with you! I prefer my 30 Emp even though I don't carry much.