Is the Speedy 40 too big?

  1. Hey everyone,

    Im new to this site and I had a question for you guys. I just ordered a speedy 40 in the monogram canvas from eluxury and Im starting to get concerned it might be too big...what do u guys think?

    Does anyone have a pic with themselves with their speedy 40 so I can see if its huge? Or themselves with a speedy 35?

    I think ill exchange it for the 35 if its too big...

    Thanks! Missy
  2. I like big bags, but even I might think the 40 is too big for an everyday bag. He is a picture of my epi 35 against an aurelia gm and mini pouchette, epi can be a bit bigger than a mono...but this would def. be smaller than a 40.


  3. I think it's a bit on the big side for everyday...but it might depend on how tall you are...?
  4. That's kind of big. I personally would get the 25 cuz it's still big but not too big.
  5. I would prefer a 30 or 35 if your on the taller side rather than the smaller side.
  6. I would recommend a Speedy 30 instead of a 40 or 35. I have two 30's (Mono & Damier) and a Damier 25. I love the 30's. The 25 is a bit small for me for all of my everyday stuff that I carry (LV wallet plus 3 different sized cosmetic bags - all LV). You can even roll up a thin jacket/sweater and stuff it into a 30 if you have to.....I'm 5"3. Good luck. I would also recommend getting a strap for your Speedy!
  7. 40 is more a luggage size I think...I have the 35 and sometimes I find it too big.

    peace43 is right if you want an everyday bag a 30 might be good...or a 35 depending on your size preference.
  8. I agree, I see the 40 as a luggage piece and 25, 30, and 35 as handbags.
  9. i have the 30 and find it small wish I had gone for the 35 instead...the 35 looks perfect for a big bag everyday look IMO....
  10. I like the 35, if you like bigger bags...which you must if you ordered the 40...I would stick with the 35.

    As a fellow, 'big bagger', I find sometimes my MC 30, is just a bit too small for all my everyday stuff for me.
  11. I have the 35
    and yes it is big I tried the 40 at the shop and it was too big for me
    but some guys uses the keepall 45 as a messenger bag and it looks pretty fine it depends how big tall u are
  12. to me its a little on the big side, but its nice. it makes a dramatic statement.
  13. I think that is a bit to big.
  14. I own a 40 and only use it as a travel/overnight bag. I'm a shortie... the look is a bit off if I carry it as handbag.
  15. It's a bit big as an everyday bag. I have both the 35 and 40 and I use the 35 as an everyday bag.