Is the special edition Magenta sold out?

  1. Is it too late to preorder this from the trunk show? Are the city's w/ rh sold out? My sister just had a baby and this is all she wants for Mother's day. She knows that they don't come in until August, but is it too late for me to get one for her? I always have these pressing questions after Balny closes. TIA!
  2. Nope, not sold out!
  3. Are you sure? That would be the best gift to give her, plus I converted her to the dark side of my addiction!:graucho:
  4. Yep. As of this morning, anyway. :yes:
  5. Yeah, okay Shasta, let us know how your "sister" likes her Magenta when she gets it. ;) lol j/k
  6. Shasta -- maybe you could call to see if there's a waiting list for the LE magenta? I'm guessing that between now and the time the bags arrive, some people may change their minds (esp. with f/w coming out), freeing up their spots.
  7. I believe it works differently with this LE Magenta. You basically sign your life away when you order and it's YOURS. There is no wait list, it's an actual order with no turning back.
  8. :roflmfao:

  9. Your rotten! I'm not entirely self absorbed I love to give my sisters and friends great gifts for special occasions. I'll call in the morning. Who should I ask to talk to?
  10. Daphne for sure!! :yes:
  11. Was anyone emailed pics of what they will receive? Or is it, get what you get, don't throw a fit. ?
  12. Orders will be charged on May returns after that.

    Shasta, you MUST, you MUST! I got one for my sister too.
  13. See ICB- were good to our sisters!

    Did you catch my question about pine? I'm thinking that instead of pine (seems pretty dark) I should get Vert Gazon for f/w even though it was for s/s. What do you think? Will VG work in the winter? Help!
  14. I changed my order from silver GH to RH yesterday with Terry. At that time I was number 50 (out of 200) on the RH list. So no, not even close to being sold out. Congrats in advance! :smile:
  15. Fantastic girl! Thank you!