Is The Spa only for Kellys and Birkins?

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  1. I have a question on the spa treatment: Is it only for Kellys and Birkins in general? Do they accept other bags and small items i.e bearn wallet and etc? :confused1: Please advice.
  2. H will fix any of their products. In addition to kellys and birkin reburbishment/cleaning, I've had the following work done:
    - restitched a bearn
    - cleaned a gazelle bag (marine navy and toile -with shoe polish smudge on the toile)
    - added a zipper on a vintage (original) trim

    I currently have a Z year bag in gulliver being cleaned. Am excited to see how it will turn out.
  3. AAB, Thanks so much for your reply! I am relieved now cause I tossed my H products quite abit so now I have no worries. :smile: How did things turn out for the items that you already recieved from the spa?
  4. Items came back like new. I thought they won't be able to completely "erase" what I did on the toile but I did not even see a hint of my "mistake" on the bag. :yahoo:

    I had my repairs done in NYC and when I mentioned to Claude that in addition to the zipper on the vintage trim, I wanted an inside pocket added. He told me that it can be expensive and suggested gently that I shouldn't invest too much money on the bag (even though the condition is excellent!) - since the economics of putting in a a side pocket does not make sense. Might as well buy a new one. The zipper set me back about $250 and this was 5 years ago.
  5. Is there a fee for spa treatments for all bags? Or do B's and K's spa for free?
  6. I'd like to comment that not all H items come back from the spa looking like new. There can be a limit to what the craftsman can do with certain leathers.

    For example, swift. I wanted to start a new thread for this but since this is about spa, I shall just contribute here. Scruffed corners on swift CANNOT be repaired. Sorry to break the news to all swift owners. Please look after your swift bags well. I sent my Swift Lindy to my craftsman to re-stitch a tiny part (the hole on the flap) and at the same time to have some dirt cleaned off. My SA noticed the scruffed corners and indicated for them to be touched up. No can do.
  7. Charges ... are to the discretion of the store. Be prepared to pay each time, and when you don't have to ... smile and walk out of the store happy. It's wrong to expect free spa treatments.

    Charges will surely be imposed for replacement of parts like hardware, straps ... more tangible things. That said, if it was a defect like a broken zipper pull on a very new item, Hermes will replace for free.
  8. I gotta to share something too!! :yahoo: Rdg about spa treatment, my Kelly Boxcalf is in for spa, I got a sneak view of her yesterday, craftsman worked on her halfway :blush: She looks REALLY good - ok I am looking at her from a distance, but the overall look is really good, much better than before, like almost NEW!!! I am so sold on boxcalf!!!

    I seen wallets, kellys, birkins, mrsS' lindy brought into spa. So not strictly kelly or birkins. Costs wise: My kelly looks pristine and if I need to pay for it - it's because she is worth it! :love: :heart:
  9. Off-topic, but when I read that, princessfrog, I imagined you toting your lovely Kelly, flipping your hair back and saying "Because I'm worth it" :roflmfao:
  10. pyrexia: :P :roflmfao:
  11. Have to agree with MrsS. My previous comments only pertain to the 3 items I was writing about that I had sent in for repair or cleaning.

    That being said, I had previously sent in a box HAC havane for cleaning. The spa treatment did not completely "erase" the marks on the leather and the corners were better than when I first sent it in but it did not come back like new. If it did, it would be a miracle! heh!;)
  12. I am curious to find out to what extent they can "repair" the corners. I just sent in a gulliver kelly in rouge vif 2 weeks ago. Bag has scuffed corners. Will report back when I get the bag - will start a thread with before and after photos. :idea:
  13. Really interesting. I think it's up to the store what to charge. Can't wait for the before and after pics.
  14. I knew spa treatments went for all bags - just took my Massai in last year BUT I was feeling silly about a bracelet that had some stitches loose. I think I will have to pay H a visit this weekend. Thanks, ladies!
  15. Just out of curiosity. Does that mean most metropolitain H stores have a craftman in house or do we need to send our items to Paris for a SPA TREATMENT?