Is the Somerset a popular Mulberry style?

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  1. Hi ladies:
    Last July I bought A Somerset in oak in the Mulberry on line store, but the bag is sleeping in my closet since August...and I´m thinking about falling apart from it :sad:.
    I live in Spain and here, Mulberry isn´t a popular brand, so my last chance is looking for a new home for Somerset in UK...:smile:
    What do you think about it? Opinions, please...:heart:
    And sorry for my bad English :tdown:.
  2. Which Somerset is it? There are a couple of different styles.

    And welcome to Mulberry!!
  3. This one...:smile:.

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  4. I like the Somerset tote but haven't noticed anyone has one (though I'm new to the Mulberry forum). I think it's gorgeous in oak, and looks like a practical style. Is that the one you have?

    Welcome! :smile:
  5. Oh yes, that's the one I like! What don't you like about it?
  6. I love the bag...:heart:but in august I became a Chloe girl, and since then I haven´t used the Somerset.
  7. I love it too!! That's why I love Mulberry, though, because in the US, they are nowhere to be seen.
  8. Ah, that's too bad! Is the bag roomy? I have actually been considering this one for a new oak bag (since I'm planning to sell my oak Roxy ...) How comfortable is it on the shoulder?
  9. I like that too, kroquet! It's fun to have something no one else has (or has even heard of, especially where I live!)
  10. It´s very roomy and light weight. It is easy to carry it on the shoulder in summer, with T-shirts :yes:.

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  11. Its very cute on you!!! I vote that you keep it!!
  12. Oooh, it looks great on you! You are TINY, though and I'm tall ... who knows how it would look on me. Is the drop too short to use it in the fall/winter with a coat on? I :heart: the shape! I just bought a triangle-shaped bag that is made of woven leather in a whiskey color. I'm planning to use it for spring/summer but not for fall/winter. I like the shape & size very much and I think that's why I'm drawn to the Somerset tote since it's similar.
  13. Oh I'd never really considered that bag before, but it looks SO nice on you!! Might have to take a look in the shops myself :biggrin:
  14. I think is not easy to wear it with a coat, in winter...:smile:.
  15. It must have a short drop, then. That seems rather short-sighted (no pun intended)! If they're going to make a shoulder tote, then the drop should be long enough to go over the shoulder with a coat on, for heaven's sake!

    I guess I will cross this one off my "possible" list, at least for the moment.