Is the small Veneta too small ?

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  1. I accidentally bought a blue grey small veneta at Changi Singapore airport last month.

    I meant to buy the medium one but they dont sell any medium and the SA told me that it is the medium (which is not).

    I was pretty upset for a while but a lot of people said that the bag suits me (I am slim 5'3).

    Do you think the small Veneta is 'not hobo' enough due to the size ?

    I sometimes need to 'push the top down' to get that slouchy look.

    I normally carry small wallet, coin holder, card holder, key holder, mobile phone, and agenda.

    Please help.
  2. dancingirl - can you post any modeling pics? I'd say if you can fit all you need inside and if it is comfortable for you to carry, then it is the right size for you. How do you feel?
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    i think you did buy the medium veneta. the veneta only comes in medium, large and maxi... and there is also the mini. your veneta will stretch as time goes by and it will become more "hobo", as you put it. HTH!
  4. I will post pics but it def is not a mini because I saw the really little one. Maybe I did get the medium.

    It is around 16' inch by 14' inch high incl the strap. I just approximate the size though :smile:
  5. don't worry, it'll slouch more...venetas get softer and stretch a bit with some wear!
  6. That's the medium!
  7. The medium veneta does look fit, good on a 5'3 frame [i'm too]. It's just a little tight inside for my use.
  8. I have a Medium Veneta and it has started to take on a nicer shape since I've used a couple of times. As the wonderful gals on this forum suggested, I have hung it on a door knob filled with cans! It is working and my DH loves the bag on me in this size! The large is too big for me and I'm 5'4".
    Did you get Baltic? I purchased a Baltic Pleated for a friend and that color is beautiful iirl, pictures do it no justice!
    Good luck!
  9. Love to see modeling pics! If it´s the Medium you´ve got, then it´s a perfect size for you.
  10. I personally love the medium for my frame as I am short, but the medium just doesn't fit all of my junk so I have 2 large venetas. It will slouch over time, and to expedite the "slouch," use the soup-can method like LT bag lady suggested.