Is the slim flap a good size for me?

  1. As you ladies know I love the size of the Leigh. Do you think the slim flap Ali is a good size for me or the regular size Ali? I am so confused. I usually carry a large wallet, cosmetic case, planner, cell phone, iPod nano and sometimes a paperback book. Please lend some advice. Thanks!
  2. Seems like the Ali would probably be a better choice given what you tend to carry - I don't think I could fit all of that in my slim flap.
    In my slim flap I usually carry a small wallet, cell, nano, medium cosmetic case, sunnies, and a wristlet. These fit comfortably and you could probably fit a few other small items, but a paperback would take up half your interior space.

    Good luck!
  3. Hmmm...I am looking for a good deal but all the Ali's are selling over outlet price which makes me so mad! lol But ya I think I have to wait for the right price. I hate waiting! hmph
  4. ^^^

    Hehe me too - I am an instant gratification type! Lol!

    Good luck -I am sure one will come along for you!
  5. Thanks for the info!